Urgent Parliament proceed to vote on the Martyrs Foundation Law

The House of Representatives proceeded in its usual today in the vote on the draft law of the Martyrs Foundation, which includes 28 Madh.anthy 14 SOURCE

Urgent differences on the Martyrs Foundation Act and the lifting of the parliamentary session to an hour

raise the House of Representatives its regular day to one hour.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that "the disagreement between the parliamentary blocs got the Martyrs Foundation Act after the initiation of a vote on the bill," adding that "the presidency of the Council decided to adjourn the meeting to one hour that sit at one in the afternoon." The House of Representatives It may hold its meeting this morning in the presence of 215 deputies -After postponed half an hour to lack of quorum Aleghanona- completeness and voice through which to approve the decision to ban terrorist Daash sites in all webs and sites inciting or paved or glorified or promoter or justifying terrorist crimes.
proceeded after the Parliament vote on the law Alhhda.