Dhi Qar: senior ministry staff are blocking the transfer of powers

Provincial Council accused of Dhi Qar, senior staff in some ministries "unnamed" of blocking the transfer of powers to the provinces.
The head of the Council Naim Gazan, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "there are serious by the central government and the Prime Minister the transfer of powers on schedule, but it hinders the transfer of powers of some public departments in the ministries, and senior officials in the ministries who cling to centralized, who are Agrron ministers concerned to Article 45 of the futility of transfer of powers and stick to it.
"He added that" there are some ministries that were sent official letters the transfer of powers and the application of Article 45, but in fact touches a formality and did not pour into the essence of the powers that are in contact with the provincial work "noting that" there are the ministries of limited Boulevard in the transfer of powers, some of which did not originally the transfer of powers does not formally nor materially.
"He explained the Gazan" The last meeting between the prime minister and the governors and heads of provincial councils stressed the need for the transfer of powers, the fact that the citizen and public opinion in spiral between the transfer of powers or not to move, "noting that" some of the ministries said in the media and citizens that it had completed the transfer of powers, but in fact quoted the things that the only problems.
"He called Gwi eight ministries covered by the" transfer of powers full form, especially legal and administrative aspects and financial, "explaining that" local governments suffered in the previous years of conflicts between them and between ministries and non-transfer of powers so far caused the problems and conflicts more.
"The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said Monday, during his presidency of the ninth meeting of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces which held in the province of Babylon, the Government's commitment to "the transfer of powers to the provinces in accordance with the Constitution and the law and government program," adding that "some provinces did not comply with what has been agreed upon in the upper body coordination between the provinces, whose decisions are binding," adding that "this is unacceptable Accounting and it will be ".