Kurdish lawmaker: Abadi can not distance himself from his reforms quotas and unfair


Kurdish lawmaker, said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi said can not distance himself from quotas, noting that "reforms unfair". Arafat Karam said told all of Iraq [where] that "reforms Abadi formality and not radical and not go out alone can and must be the political participation of the masses and not remain a formality without any effect, indicating that" the distribution of positions are unfairly and in a non-nature. "He said "Prime Minister of the Iraqi al-Abadi Wi can not distance himself from quotas that may be partisan or sectarian or political, explaining that" al-Abadi has to be to meet the political blocs to reach files controversial solutions. "said Karam that" the reforms launched by Prime Minister narrow and unfair and will remain formality and will be divided Iraqi street again unless the share of all the political blocs.
"He added that" we support the Prime Minister to expel any minister Kurdish inefficient if either efficiently should not be deported for the social balance in the country. "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has launched from 11 last August packs reforms in state institutions included the cancellation of senior positions and salary as officials raised the ire of Ssayasan.