Kurdistan oil up north Europe

Trade sources and data Shipping reported that the Kurdistan Region began targeting the Baltic crude markets in northwest Europe.
According to sources, the arrival of at least three ships loaded with oil from Kurdistan to the ports of Gdansk, the Polish and butting of Lithuania on the Baltic Sea in October and November monthly.
A source in the company engaged in trade in goods, "it was the first Kurdish supply up to northern Europe", to compete with the traditional Russian supplies and increase the supply glut in the region.
Trade sources said that the tanker loaded with oil from Kurdistan Sikinos reached port of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea in late October, although the port will see the arrival of another shipment on board the tanker Minerva Georgia in the current October November second.
The Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically, announced two days ago for the first time details of oil exports from Kurdistan, pointing out that the region's exports now up to ten countries.
And increases the arrival of Kurdish supplies competition between Russia and the countries of OPEC's market share, According to shipping data and traders, the Ba.kih.an Oorln PKN largest Polish refining company will transfer 100 thousand tons of Kirkuk's oil to its refinery Mazeikiu Nafta in Lithuania this month.
The cargo was loaded in the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the eighth of November November second, up butting Port Lithuanian in (11/22/2015).
Ba.kih.an did not provide the state-controlled immediate comment, but its chief executive said Jachik Crawak daily newspaper this week that the company's expansion of its supply base.