Union of Forces: general amnesty and national reconciliation gate test of the credibility of the partners

Counting Vice Union of Forces for approval of the amnesty law as a gate that will open wide the way for national reconciliation in Iraq map.
Mohammad al-Karbouli in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "political partners the day before the exam to their credibility and responsibility and legal legitimacy are required to bypass this test successfully and approve a general amnesty that would corner the foundation of the civil state law. Karbouli urged all the political blocs to the removal of their political differences aside and look into the responsibility for the completion of the draft general amnesty law that day and agree on the introduction of the vote during the upcoming sessions and to be in 2016 in tolerance and freedom from oppression line to initiate a national reconciliation.
The House of Representatives, has initiated during its meeting last Saturday to discuss the amnesty bill year after it began the second reading.
and going on a major dispute between the parliamentary blocs on the re-trial or investigation for covered by the law that decided the presidency of the House of Representatives refer it to the heads of blocs to resolve Klav.