Inspector monitors the electricity network Basmajh contract irregularities and restores six million dollars of cost

monitor the inspector general's office and the Ministry of Electricity, irregularities in the contract to build electric grid in Basmajh station, included the referral of implementation will cost more than the cost of speculative six million dollars.
The inspector general Alaa Muhyiddin, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "the efforts of his office has been successful in providing the amount of six million dollars to the state treasury after that ABB Swiss company was forced to reduce the price to create a network 400 to a Proxy, in station Basmajh investment of $ 132 million to 126 million.
"He added that his office" intervention after monitoring violation to refer the contract to the company mentioned an amount exceeding the cost of speculative network with six million dollars, where he sought to re-examine the decision of referral resulting in the issuance of a decision to refer New, and after tough negotiations with the ministerial committees company had evacuated to decline from the previous price.
"promised Muhyiddin This achievement is" as a new answer to the voices that claim that the inspection offices constitute a burden on the state treasury, "pointing out that" the amount the provider roughly equivalent to the total the annual budgets of the Office for the next three years.
"The judiciary announced on 15 October last, for the issuance of arrest warrants against officials in the Ministry of Electricity rank of director general notes, in addition to bringing in a memorandum against the current minister Qasim Fahadaoa.