National Insurance: 46 billion dinars, the outcome of collective activity Insurance

Iraqi general insurance company, confirmed that there is a lack of insurance awareness in Iraq, and has indicated that it paid the remainder of the faithful loans have banks in the event of death, and as stressed the need for legislation compulsory insurance law for all citizens, as this of interest to them, confirmed that the collective activity proceeds of insurance amount 46 billion Iraqi dinars. The director general of the agency for the company, Abbas Shahid said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "the insurance process is facing two problems, the first weakness of private insurance awareness among the classes that do not exercise a significant economic activity, ignorance of the concept of insurance, and the other for the novelty of this activity in Iraq and practice-wide tight ", noting that" the insurance companies bear part of the problem they will not focus on public awareness and organize a wide advertising campaigns as a result of the limited financial allocations. " He explained Director-General of the agency for the insurance company of the Iraqi public, that "the company found a modern way of e-commerce through the use of evidence Iraq trade, and the dissemination of advertisements across corporate websites, also prepared illustrations for services message," pointing out that "the company's experts and Khavera visiting companies wishing to insurance for Search gaps and ways to address them and correct storage ways to avoid accidents, and to spread awareness of insurance. " The promise of a martyr, that "the nature of the insurance activity is linked to economic activity and reconstruction projects," stressing that "the company haste to go for any project and display documents on those who support it."