Conscious / economic plans to issue less than 250 dinars coin

19/11/2015 03:12

Conscious / Baghdad / FS
Parliamentary Economic Committee revealed, new plans intended to implement the Central Bank is to issue a lower class of cash currency (250) dinars, and a new edition of the category (500) dinars. "

Said Najiba Committee member Najib in his transfer permit reporter (news agency, media / INA), that "the central bank has new plans to issue a new currency less than a class of 250 Iraqi dinars to fill the Iraqi market needs, as well as to issued a new edition of the The category currency (500) dinars. "

The CBI had announced earlier issued a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category in order to complete the Iraqi Securities monetary structure, and the development of high value in the trading category.

It is said that the parliamentary finance committee, said earlier that the Central Bank of Iraq in connection with the introduction of new process 100 000 dinars category after the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category.