Military coup "topples" Balebadi~Maliki is pushing the formation of a parliamentary ~
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Thread: Military coup "topples" Balebadi~Maliki is pushing the formation of a parliamentary ~

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    Military coup "topples" Balebadi~Maliki is pushing the formation of a parliamentary ~

    Military coup "topples" Balebadi .. Maliki is pushing the formation of a parliamentary front denounce decisions Abadi

    Date: 11/18/2015

    Palm-facing majority of the decisions taken by the President of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, including the reform decisions, a serious threat of revocation within the Parliament, and with a move to return it to the vote, which could bring down the work of the government Abadi since it was formed about a year and a half ago.

    The observers this trend game dangerous, semi-coup against the al-Abadi, could bring down all his accomplishments, what may expose his government accountable, and facilitate the process of withdrawal of confidence from them.

    The deputy of the National Alliance, the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki is spearheading a campaign within the National Alliance to form a parliamentary front to demand the return of all resolutions Abadi to Parliament and presented to the vote and veto all contrary to the Constitution the decision was taken without reference to Parliament, including the reform decisions.

    The MP, who asked not to be named, that the front widely supported by many MPs of the majority of the National Alliance blocks, except for the masses Sadr and the citizen, noting that the number of front increased from 65 deputies so far, as it seeks to gain a number of other MPs, will be presented a request to the presidency of the parliament to view all decisions Abadi to vote in the parliament.

    He noted that the presidency of the parliament can not reject such a request, especially since the majority Abadi made ​​decisions individually and independently of the Parliament which is contrary to the Constitution.

    For his part, MP for the rule of law, Razak Mahabs, that many of the decisions taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi violation of the Constitution that. He Mahabs, during an interview that it was not possible to make decisions for reform contrary to the Iraqi constitution, which must abide by it, stressing that the coalition was not opposed to reforms, but on the contrary supports every reform step, provided that in line with the Constitution, adding that al-Abadi reform decisions have not seen any application of it on the ground, but it was just the promises have not been implemented.

    For his part, counting political expert Firas Ithawi, move to form a front denounce the decisions of al-Abadi, a coup microcosm of the Government Abadi, and the overthrow of all the steps and decisions of the government. He said Ithawi, he said that the move to create this front comes within the constitutional and legal contexts and can not be challenged, especially as demands do not conflict with the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Iraqi parliament, so the steps can not be challenged or rejection.

    He pointed out that al-Abadi made ​​decisions is well thought out, and contain clearly visible constitutional violations, as decisions to merge some ministries and change the salary scale has taken the exemption dozens of agents ministers and directors-general and advisers, and those who enjoy the most influential in the state, and they have great links with influential political blocs in the Iraqi arena, and the Abadi abolished ministries formed a legal text, and can not be abolished by government decision.

    He stressed that all these violations and constitutional abuses, make decisions Abadi open to challenge and respond to them again, pointing out that this step will bring government Abadi to the beginning, and did not seem to do anything for the duration of its formation, it was just a government decision-making is studied and the disruption of the work of state institutions, which shows the government for parliamentary accountability and facilitate the process of withdrawal of confidence in them .

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    Re: Military coup "topples" Balebadi~Maliki is pushing the formation of a parliamenta

    I'm sure Sistani will be pleased to hear about this...not. M and his goons have outlived any usefulness they've had. Time for positive changes, O cunning snakes.

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