6102 budget and questions readings

11/19/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
Is not difficult to raise the budget in 2016, according to the draft, which reached the House of Representatives of the Council of Ministers a lot of controversy, and controversy, and objection, and according to what has been distributed in the exchange doors, Falling oil prices will remain in place and within the lower limits, which means the difficulty of reliably in cover Nvaqat national benefits, serious security challenges facing Iraq, and the face of the manifestations of corruption which led to the waste of a lot of public money, and in distortion structure of the economy and the weakness of its sides regulatory ..

Decline in oil prices to below the 45 dollars per barrel means continuing to decline in the country's imports, which Mabda clear in determining the amount of the budget and is set at 106 trillion Iraqi dinars, and a deficit estimated at 23 trillion dinars, with 22 trillion dinars as receivables oil companies, and 17% share of the Kurdistan region, while the country's imports were estimated 83 trillion Iraqi dinars, of which 13 Trliuna imports is Naftyh.mahrat budget deficit linked to the nature of the revenue, and the way in which they can search for the increase, which is not impossible, but total reliance on oil wealth will cause in determining national wealth map, and create more the problems of the Iraqi economy. Perhaps the review of the draft budget will reveal to us the fact that data of this crisis, Keeping the deficit means looking for creditors to be covered, at a time when there are no internal economic policy, have a clear vision to address this problem and to diversify national sources of wealth.

The size allocated for the salaries of employees in state institutions sums also reveals the size of the slack in those institutions, and non-normal inflation, where, and $ 38 Trliuna allocated for salaries within the budget enough to illustrate the pressure on those budget size, as opposed to a real absence of the activities of the private sector, the level of control over unemployment, and the reorganization within the career system contexts and the importance of framing the work done through the support of projects, and Qonnth, and protect his goods and markets.

The presence of an amount of 13.6 trillion dinars as income from non-oil tax and customs, and industry and agriculture reveals a little like this amount compared to the map of the general budget, and the weakness of the mechanisms of would these revenues to support and optimize and expand their rings and within the scientific work contexts, especially that Iraq imported annually and multiple ports Aktrmen $ 53 billion, a large sum, and calls for a real review of the concerned authorities responsible, and within the processors and proportions make many sectors, impossible, active in development Iraqi national wealth and in economic security, which suffers from complex problems adjusting.