Illiterate Parliament behind the dollar rashidya salaries!!

Iraq today/special effects proposal of the parliamentary Finance Committee, forced the Iraqi dinar at sunset, and bring the dawn, a wave of high criticism directed by specialists with economic, on Tuesday, the share charge economy-maytham winfred, warned of "dollarization", and its repercussions on the pockets and the country's economy.

Competent in economic-dargham Mohammed Ali, also covered, more than has been described today as a brief "Edition Marie Antoinette parliamentary", stated in a recent coverage: "some claims to distribute salaries to the dollar is unrealistic and cannot be implemented, contrary to the general economic policies of all States", point us to, that the parliamentary advocate, are illiterate know what you're doing for the benefit of their countries : "All countries in the world, is trying to fight the phenomenon of dollarization by promoting the value and prestige of national currency, through adopted almost entirely on internal and external dealings", as that seems to have disregarded his parliamentary: "Iraq budget denominated in Iraqi dinars, so all terms, including the salaries of State employees now comprise a large part of the budget", and called on to treat local currency instead of "Marie Antoinette parliamentary Edition" :

"There is a need for policies to support the local currency, which is considered a pillar of the economy, being the living levels are set through the purchasing power and inflation levels, which in turn, affected significantly, if the adoption of such an idea", and that was Marie Antoinette, will succeed in surviving the guillotine criticism or not, commented: "ruled out accepting any way, especially by economists", remind the reader once again, that : "The parliamentary Finance Committee, proposed allocation percentage (50%) Of State salaries in hard currency to prevent monopoly USD for your contacts, to support Iraqi dinar exchange rate ".