At a cost of 12 million euros provided by the European Union. Planning Minister reveals to start implementing the second phase of the local development project covers 9 provinces

Follow-up/Iraq today Planning Minister Salman Al-jumaili of the Ministry of local development project in the second phase over three years aimed at strengthening the policy and delivery of services and develop planning and implementation process at the provincial level.
Al-jumaili said "this project implemented with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and funded by the European Union with $ 12 million euros", stating "that the local development project will help the Federal Government to increase the level of coordination with local governments in the provinces and increase community participation in development in order to achieve good governance in Iraq."
And jumaili recalled that "at the current stage, the Ministry is working on the preparation of sectoral strategies for spatial nine provinces are Anbar-Saladin-Nineveh, Diyala, Kirkuk, Diwaniyah, Basra, Maysan, Muthanna-, through support to local-level institutions in the planning and implementation of improvements in the type of services that are in line with development priorities and local needs in line with the national development strategy and the Millennium Development Goals", adding that "the project paid particular attention to the provinces which suffered from security problems and conditions affecting different developmental sectors requiring plans Strategy of reconstruction and promoting various Sectors, thereby providing employment opportunities and events of stable population the Governors. " Noting "that the project includes an important focus is the preparation of strategies for urban development to all governorates of Iraq in accordance with the agreement with the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and the United Nations development programme, as well as the adoption of typical urban planning models and mapping of industrial spatial development and basic schemes for urban transport and build a database on the territory of the State to strengthen the capacity of land allocation to development projects and support work with universities in sustainable urban development for selected districts." he stressed Al-jumaily on "the spatial dimension of development is an important element in the Achieving comprehensive and sustainable national development, and is a technique that balances the criteria of economic efficiency and social justice in the distribution of investment between all areas of Iraq ", adding" that this standard is based on the comparative advantage in the distribution of economic activities and events between regions and governorates as extols the proceeds of exploitation of available resources and therefore represents the best method for fairness and justice, reduce disparities in levels of economic development spatial, social and physical urban system and impose distributed hierarchical manner acceptable positive connotations to them economically, socially and environmentally and thus ensuring active participation by Departments and local communities to ensure the successful implementation of development programmes.