International conferences on Iraq suggests "thrm onion" to defeat daash!
wed 18-11-15

Iraq today/special looks that algnivih and Austrian conferences which many speak about how the fight against terrorism, if not level value and relevance in some assessments, the representative, Majid Mohamed-member parliamentary defence and Security Committee of the liberal political group, found that "international conferences that take place between now and then to support Iraq and fighting terrorism" ink on paper ", and advised the Attorney-a.Ahrari international society, by substitution not level by onion b : "Drying up the sources of terrorism", and I've explained to us a.Ahrari, the secret of changing States of positions of organized so-called "daash": " Some States are now rethinking the war on terror after daash gangs reached danger ", Mohamed returned, we hear that repeats Iraq scooped ink and paper exclusively to change Arab and European conferences:" the many conferences held by the Arabic and European States to fight organized daash and supporting Iraq, the ink on paper ", then the Attorney added to the advice of everyone, about the best solution to eradicate the Organization of country : "Those States, work harder to combat these criminal gangs, and sources of funding, support for Iraq", and most of the conferences I be far above distress welatglb good to the reality of the field of security in Iraq, we take the reader note, that was held in Jordan last week, Conference security with the participation of Oman towards 150 figure, representing 40 Arab and Western State in the Conference organized by the Arab Institute for security studies at the University of Jordan over two days, to study the region's security challenges, and access to Nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.