Parliamentary Human Rights discusses the attacks against demonstrators by the security services
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} of the parliamentary human rights committee held its regular meeting this afternoon at the headquarters of the Commission in the House of Representatives and in the presence of its members to discuss the recent attacks against demonstrators.
The Commission said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Wednesday that "the Committee discussed the bill is placed in its agenda a proposed human rights law and a proposal to protect the biological Act and the Prevention of Discrimination and Amendment Rights Commission, the law of human aims proposed human rights law to protect and promote the reality of human rights in Iraq and reduce the violations against them. "The Committee members stressed" the need for the completion of these laws in the coming period in order to submit to the Presidential Commission for approval by the Board, as well as discuss the issue of exposure demonstrators attacked by security forces yesterday. "and showed "The committee with the right of peaceful demonstration is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and demanded the security forces not to be subjected to the demonstrators." ordered the commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi an immediate investigation into the abuse claims on some of the demonstrators in Baghdad on Tuesday, and to hold abusers on the right to demonstrate peacefully. It called the High Commission for Human Rights, on Tuesday, the security services to release all demonstrators, stressing the right to peaceful demonstration which is guaranteed by law, asserting that Article {38} of the Constitution confirms that demonstrate a guaranteed right, as provided for in international conventions and treaties, and the Iraqi citizen has the right to exercise this right when there is a need for it, to demand their legitimate rights ".anthy