Attorney-Shammari: Amendment of article 26 of the national law of the card is an important step to strengthen the social fabric
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari, Wednesday, that the House's decision to take the necessary measures to amend Article 26 of the card of national law to ensure the rights of minorities represented "an important step to restore national unity and strengthen the social fabric."
Al-Shammari said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates Nyozo} copy of it today, that "Iraqi society is a mosaic of diverse and beautiful of different nationalities and religions, and this diversity is a strength of the country in case of building the right foundations among themselves to peaceful coexistence and respect for the rights of others and to the contrary, it represents bomb could cause fragmentation of the country in case of neglected or exploited by enemies of the homeland to demolish the interior of community infrastructure. "He added that" the parliament's decision to take the necessary measures to amend Article 26 of the national card law, represents an important and bold step to straighten the road towards giving all the components of civil and religious rights without marginalize or bypass so as to create a wall impregnable to repel any attempts of Almtshehadan in troubled waters to exploit those lapses to divide the national ranks at a time when we desperately need it to national unity and to heal row to counter terrorism and other challenges around the country. "and praised" all the efforts that have been made ​​in the parliament of political blocs and the private representatives of minorities and strong Oagafthm to re-Perigord rights in addition to the efforts of the presidency and religious reference to get to this success We hope that crowned the amendment to article once and for all and including gives full freedom for all components in the selection of the religion that suits them according to the principle of no compulsion in religion. "The House of Representatives During the session had voted on Tuesday on a resolution it required its members to follow measures to amend the national card law, specifically Article 26 Secondly it in line with the provisions of Aldstor.anthy