The sixth series of documents Chalabi. 29 out of 32 Bank client Huda not registered traders
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The sixth series of documents Chalabi. 29 out of 32 Bank client Huda not registered traders

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad over the years, the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House Financial Committee Chairman and head of the Iraqi National Congress, preoccupied with issues of financial and administrative corruption, notably smuggling billions of dollars out of the country via fake financial companies mostly international banker residential exhausted these billions from State coffers and of people, leading to empty the Treasury and economic projects and service crashes.

Since assuming the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, the late Chalabi in the current House in mind reveal details of these, particularly dangerous file file smuggling foreign currency and actually succeeded in collaboration with other members of the Committee and State officials collect hundreds of documents prepared by the report submitted by the Commission and others, including the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and the Government. As Chalabi told "term" in due course it valuable cooperation received from the Ministry of finance and the Minister Hoshyar Zebari detect this file and other facts.

Late Chalabi informed the Foundation "range" early on this file since the copy deposited its contents organization hoping to start deploying the file at a time to be determined by it, as he was waiting for the positions of other parties, including the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, was looking to get support for open this file and other files which reveals the activities of mafia corruption in the country and close relations with senior officials in this State.

Now Dr. Chalabi has gone from this world, the term institution finds itself obliged to implement what was agreed with the late Chalabi, and publish here new pages from the file concerning the late Bank of Huda submitted by Chalabi, in his note to the parliamentary integrity Commission less than a month before his death, as a model for "irregularities and crimes committed by a group of banks and their owners in an auction of foreign currency".

Jordan denies the relationship of one of its banks by 250 by Huda bank remittance of the Republic of Iraq Central Bank number: SP/187 date: 24/9/2014 money laundering reporting Office/Unit for combating money laundering and financing of terrorism the Hashemite Kingdom/information after greeting: referring to your numbered m. g. a/2/2/664 dated 18/9/2014 we enclose you herewith discloses the details of the required transfers.

With appreciation Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency disclosure referred to included about 250 transaction currency conversion all from Huda Bank to Jordanian Housing Bank for companies mentioned in the previous episode and the 32 29 company not registered with the Directorate of registration of companies. (Below link episode that included the names of these companies).

Http:// NewsID = 498863 Republic of Iraq Central Bank money laundering reporting Office (and personal) number: h/178 date: 14/09/2014/Rafidain Office of the Director-General/internal remittances after the salutation.

Referring to your stylus (secret and personal/989) on 26/8/2014. Described in paragraph (1) of your above those amounts, deposits and transfers of Bank clients guidance and that the process had been converted by your branch or other branches and this requires due diligence by your bank.

To kindly inform and provide details of names and deposits these customers for the relevant period numbered book (personal/confidential (o/143) on 11/8/2014.. with appreciation.

Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency copy to:-Office of the Governor to share sovereignty. With appreciation-----------------------unit for combating money laundering and terrorist financing: m g a/2/2/877 date: 30 November 2014 (Sri, Maktoum) h.e. the Director General of the money laundering reporting Office of the Agency respected Mr. Naeem tastes khudair pointed out your stylus (o/861) on 28/8/2014 and (x/187) 24/9/2014 regarding provide you with available information about the health of companies benefiting from remittances transactions listed in the annex referred to them above your books I have it not clear that the Housing Bank for trade and finance A reporter was specifically benefiting from remittances within the available information submitted by you and yours

Chief Dana improve Jumblatt-------------------------------------Republic of Iraq Central Bank money-laundering reporting office number: s/3 date: 5/1/2015 (and personal) to Rafidain Bank/Public Administration Office of the Director-General/internal remittances after the salutation.

Please let us know what was in the process of our numbered (secret and personal/178) on 14/9/2014.

Hoping to quickly answer. With appreciation Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency.------------------------Iraqi Central Bank money-laundering reporting Office internal memo to DG investments number: (h-12) date: 18/1/2015 (series)/internal remittances after the salutation.

Oral deliberation with Mr. Director General, General Directorate for investments. Please provide account numbers for Iraqi banks have correspondent banks as shown in below: name of the Bank working in Iraq Erbil Bank correspondent bank name Housing Bank Arab African Bank

Asia Bank Bank Bank ish pond (pond Turkish) stop Bank 2 Bank region (Emerald) WebSphere Baraka (Turkish pond) stop Asya Bank 3 Bank summer Noor (Noor Islam) the Housing Bank for trade and finance Ak Bank Is Bankasi Turke Istanbul 4 Huda Bank WebSphere with appreciation Naim tastes khudair Director General Agency---------------------------------------Iraqi Central Bank Directorate General of investments/investment section (note) number : 5/2/229 date: 22/1/2015 to the money laundering reporting Office/transfers internal greetings.

Reference to your note No. x/12 on 18/1/2015 include you account numbers for Iraqi banks have correspondent banking is on the table as follows: name of the correspondent bank bank account number 1 Arbil housing/Oman 01/02/095406/001 Arab African urala Asia Bank TR140020800002037919950002 Bank TR770006400000201790004366 ish pond (pond Turkish) TR200020300000712010000003 stop TRO10001500158048012974343 2 Bank region (ambrld) housing/Oman JO/O6HBHO00/0000003319700201001 sativa (sativa-Turkish) TR630020300000912082000001 stop TR430001500158048013864850 Bank 4,618,722,856,396,651,841 Bank Asia 3 summer bloom there AE7205200001010504770015 Islamic Bank Istanbul TR940004600999001000501001 ish TRO80006400000201790004417 Housing Bank/Oman JO68HBHO0010000000299500201001 4 Huda housing/Oman 0012102900201 with appreciation General Manage