Darraji: City government departments by more than 300 billion dinars for the companies self-financing

BAGHDAD - News today announced the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, Wednesday, that the government departments city of more than 300 billion dinars for the companies self-financing, as he pointed to the existence of a media campaign for "hit" Iraqi industry. He said Darraji in a joint press conference with members of the committees of the economy and investment and financial Alniabaten held in the House of Representatives and attended by agency news today, "There are 271 material produced in Iraq called the Iraqi production," explaining "we could not get a decision in the Council of Ministers by requiring government departments to apply a legal rule the purchase of government departments and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals." . He pointed out, that "the continuation of hard currency out of the country and turn it into a consumer products will lead to the collapse of the country's economy," noting that "self-financing companies require government departments 396 000 000 000 and 551 356 000 dinars, compared to products sold." He stressed Darraji, "the existence of media campaign to hit the Iraqi industry, "noting saying," Among the series we called for measures relating to the restructuring and re-incorporated companies, and we found acceptable by the House of Representatives committees inclusion of the Ministry of Industry employees' salaries to the general budget, not loans, in order not to late payment of salaries. "