Components of daquq signed "document of honor" to renounce violence and support stability in the judiciary
2015-11-18 23:42:06 |

(Voice of Iraq) Kirkuk declared components spend daquq and political and religious activities and security, on Wednesday signed a "document of honor" emphasizes resorting to dialogue and away from the gun to solve differences within the judiciary, southern Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad), described it as "one ditch against the dictatorship" they fought together against "terrorism" now.

The Chief of Judiciary Council, brother of daquq Karam, told the (term), "justice components, (45 kilometers south of Kirkuk), representatives of the Administration and Board, leaders of the peshmerga and the Turkmen folk crowd, religious scholars, have signed today, honours, following the joint meritorious prayers together in Imam Zainal Abidin (PBUH)".

Karam said, "everyone promised to be knit together with the security forces, to maintain security and order and to reject all forms of discrimination and racism to ensure maintenance of situations in daquq".

Regiment command, said Bashir, Turkmenistan, llshhad Abu Thaer albishari, told the (range), that "the blood of the peshmerga fighters of Turkmen and the crowd mingled in the face of terrorist gangs daash fronts", indicating that there was a "common understanding and cooperation between the two parties, particularly that they were in the same boat in the fight dictatorship and still in the same trench against terrorists, and will not tolerate any abuse of the historical relationship that share ".

Said the peshmerga Brigade command IX, daquq district, Brigadier General Aras Abdel Qader, told the (range), that "Peshmerga defending everyone in daquq, without distinction", stressing that "the peshmerga are working with the rest of the Elimination of roll back daash gangs".

On a related level representative of religious authority said Mohammed yaacoubi (Nalin), told the (term), "pray that today constitute the new confirmation on the need for unity and solidarity among the components of daquq away from any external interference", adding that "the meeting of the parties on the basis of proven concepts of peace, especially that in Imam Zainal Abidin (PBUH)".

Daquq reportedly constitutes the buffer zone between the altos and Kirkuk, home to a Shiite Turkomans and Arabs.

Little to spend altous, East of Salah al-Din, (170 km north of Baghdad), since, last Thursday, (12 November 2015), collision and clashes between elements of the Turkmen horde of BADR organization, and other factions, on the one hand, and the peshmerga elements, on the other hand, to cut through the Baghdad-Kirkuk, paralyzing business and hundreds of people of altous status of panic, before agreement is reached calm among all parties to resolve the crisis in the judiciary.