3 trillion budget that have been developed for the displaced in 2016 budget does not fill the needs of 15%!

18-11-2015 06:00 PM

Commission asked for the deportees and displaced and expatriates in Parliament, the federal government and the House of Representatives that the displaced budget be three trillion dinars in the budget of 2016, noting that allocated for the displaced in the budget of one trillion only budget and this does not fill only 15 percent of the needs of the displaced.

Committee Chairman Raad Aldhlki at a news conference, the House of Representatives and the government bear the responsibility to support the displaced people ', noting that' the Committee met with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and concluded that the needs of the displaced people need to lower the amount of Recognitions three trillion dinars'.

He pointed out that 'the government does not have a clear vision about the return of displaced persons to Diyala and Baghdad belt and rock cliff and Abu Ghraib, Salahuddin and Sinjar area ', noting that 'all of these areas have been secured and displaced persons must be returned to it'.

He added that 'there shorten the clear and significant by the Government on non-return of displaced persons, and the failure to provide liquidity to them', demanding that 'displaced budget be three trillion, and we will work to put an article in the law that funds the displaced are not a grant but salary'.

He pointed out that 'trillion budget that have been developed for the displaced in the 2016 budget does not clog accounted for 15 percent of their needs.'