Deputy reveals the paragraphs that will modify the balance of 2016
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 19-11-15 12:44 am

/Baghdad/Baghdad newsletter
The Deputy Speaker of the House revealed Aram Sheik Mohammed, said Wednesday that there is

Movements between the Parliament and the Government to amend some paragraphs of the budget law for the year 2016, saying he will send the amendments back to Parliament within the next few days.
Mohammed said in a press statement, followed "Baghdad", that "there is a movement between the Parliament and the Government to amend the budget law and the transfer of some of its doors", stating "I met two days ago with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Li and Minister of finance and planning and oil."

He added that "in some paragraphs of the transport budget law relates the issue of disability solutions and also the ratio of income and actual spending," adding that "the amendments in paragraphs will be sent to Congress within the next few days."

"We are now discussing the law and then be referred to the Finance Committee to collect suggestions and then shifted to the House for approval.