A new currency raises anger in Iraq
Abdul Jabbar Zebra

It raised new currency launched by the Central Bank of Iraq whirlwind of replies outs and condemning the act, while some considered a cause for ridicule and sarcasm, others considered suitable for melancholy meditation on the tragic situation which has reached Iraq.

BAGHDAD: Iraqis felt a lot of shock and they see embodied sectarianism on both sides of a new currency issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, but they soon found it ironic material on the one hand, and a cause of grief and pain of the other.

With the cynicism that the Iraqis fired from the new currency design category 50 000 dinars, many of them have confirmed their surprise because sectarianism in Iraq has reached the notes, have been approved by the politicians and become a reality inevitable, as embodied sectarian quotas on the coin strangely, some promise worst design It witnessed the history of the Iraqi currency issued by the Central Bank.

Cynicism has arrived at some to consider this case expressing the reality of the Iraqi state, when it was said that the beauty of currency design comes from the beauty of their countries and their governments, both of us in a very ugly, and strange that social networking sites in recent days turned into a "bank", not in it but the irony of this currency.
Some have pointed out that the contents of the currency is precisely the "Host and Hor Shiite National Alliance", and "Naour Union forces and Sunni derivatives" and "waterfall Kurdistan Alliance", as well as some forms which were very small.

Some expressed his pain and wondered bitterly, is that the country that gave birth to and raised Jawad Salim Jadraji and Faik Hassan Nuri al-Rawi issued its currency this ugly shape.
The face of the banknote ensure schematic picture of a paddle wheel Euphrates and palm trees in the center of the paper, and a picture of a Kurdistan Falls on the right side of the paper, The other side of the paper, Faihoa schematic image of the Iraqi Marshlands, includes a reed house and a number of fishermen and a group of animals (buffaloes and birds), in addition to the Photos of palm Iraq, with the Tigris and Euphrates planning within the map of Iraq.

Sectarian symbols

Said Wissam al-Rubaie, university professor, said he was surprised as strange and funny for the currency this, and added: When we say that sectarian created by politicians in our country, we find it Aattab we going to defend them, but the truth is that the politicians of the country are the ones who Arsgun sectarian and Aalnnounaa to people, but how consent to paper currency to bear all these symbols that belong to sects and ethnic groups.

He said: We all know that the currency is bound to be beautiful and expressive simple symbols simple people respect them and benefit from them, but such a strange and funny currency, which I've never seen anything like it, which is about the distribution of sectarianism and the consolidation of her, and he wanted this way wanted to say Iraqi people that sectarianism will remain despite your nostrils.

Officials with no taste

But Zainab Luxury, employee, she said: the absence of taste for this currency assures us that we are living with officials without taste and do not understand the aesthetics, and all hum stay asleep on their chairs and fueling conflict among the people, adding: "chaos in the guide currency that they want the continuation of chaos and sectarianism, and do not wish in any reforms to save Iraq from the sectarian quota system. "
For his part, stressed Writer bright Abbas that everyone involved in its design, said: "Ashfaq much on who designed the new Iraqi currency of how much ridicule he suffered, but, you imagine the currency scene really? We all share in the painted, Are we the sons of" identities " ? Are not we defend the day and night for component symbols, and symbols Nnkl another component? How much is this poor designer who Iraqi official told him in a very significant sentence: "we want to do is not displeased with one of them!".

Stupidity or recklessness

The media Shaker Hamed, he wondered, saying: "stupidity or recklessness?", And then said: "Is it possible that a country like Iraq, the rich and the privileged world leader in art be its currency in this way bad and shameful? This means that those who govern Iraq do not know its history. . It's disregard for the legacy of the modern Iraqi state and its institutions. "

Pleasing to the quotas

Furthermore, Jamal al-Muzaffar said: "Can you believe and we are convinced that the countries in the world celebrates its history, make historical symbols the size of one inch (twisted Samarra), while giving for" tribal host "more space, celebration of Bashairah and secretions. This emphasis on it a country where religious and tribal power has become the most powerful of the three authorities, what do you expect of them is not retreat .. retreat civil state. "
He added: "We can not also believe stock jar (Bustokh) that our currency decorated this, and this is very strange up to the point of shame, what philosophy Bustokh worth to put the designer on the national currency, I think that the diversification of the quotas sectarianism to satisfy all parties."
He continued: "Do you know what it means to issue currency 50,000 dinars category? It means the destruction of the Iraqi economy, and then come those who say that economic expert Doe or adviser Doe said such and such a support of the national economy", and concluded by saying: "By God, farce, our politicians boarded a handful ignorant Some sellers have marketed their trade pens corrupt. "

Aesthetic touch

For his part, writer Falah torch said: "This hoopla that appears in the new Iraqi currency Khmson thousand dinars category, ever seen him did not happen in the history of the Iraqi currency," he added: "the lack of aesthetic touch and expressive language intensive which is an explicit expression for the decline of taste aesthetic and technical stakeholders and the government also, and continued: "This is happening and we have a global artist named Faisal coffee and dozens of creative artists."

The Central Bank of Iraq announced last week issued for this currency, saying in a statement it was "for the purpose of completing the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-value category in circulation."