Abadi called on the members of the Board of Saladin to co-exist with their wallets

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Wednesday, members of the Board of Saladin to co-exist with their mayor, referring to the return of most refugees.

Abadi said during a speech at the celebration by the martyrs Foundation to honor a group of elites and the competencies of the martyrs, according to the statement that "the provincial councils that freed from the control of organizing the terrorist presence in their provinces daash meetings where".

Abadi said, it "unacceptable to hold meetings elsewhere since the issue mostly sons of Salahuddin province displaced returned", noting that "the members of the provincial Council to be with their wallets".

And Salah al-Din governorate Council voted, Tuesday (17 November 2015) to dismiss President Ahmed Karim Jassim Attiyah Vice-President assumed the post.

The Holy Council meeting and vote on his dismissal by "infraction and madness", and among the current Council President Jassim Attiyah agency "charged" issue of the Administrative Tribunal, accused the former Governor Ahmad al-Jabouri "bought off" members who voted to dismiss him.