Abadi called for provincial councils to be liberated in their provinces

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Wednesday, provincial councils which were edited to be in their provinces and meetings, said that Iraq currently established to strengthen the economy and lack of dependence on oil, noting that the country is on the right track in this area.

Abbadi said in a speech on the sidelines, his presence honored and celebration of martyrs, and seen by the Sumerian news, said, "Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis sweeping the country stronger", stating "we accomplish now to strengthen the economy and lack of dependence on oil and we are on the right path".

Abbadi said "we live another challenge is an extension of the previous challenge, the challenge of terrorism over those terrorists associated with rebirth and henchmen that stage", adding that "there is information and global studies confirm this".

Abbadi stressed that "the terrorist threat a year ago was threatens Baghdad and today we fight them in areas they conquered and achieved victories over them and have liberalized quite large spaces thanks to the sacrifices and the blood of the heroes of our armed forces and police, and mobilize people and Peshmerga tribesmen".

He said Al-Abbadi to "there's a tremendous amount of requests I receive for volunteering to fighting and the number of those who fight terror, daash gangs currently there are balhashadg names PDF not registered and are fighting voluntarily without pay", explaining that "when we call them volunteers for this most comprehensive of any label".

Asked about that edit, called Abadi provincial councils that have liberalized, "presence in the provinces, where meetings are held, and denied that it is holding meetings elsewhere since the issue mostly sons of Salahuddin province displaced returned conservative Council members that exist with their wallets".

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi previously called provincial councils and local government in areas liberated from the Organization "daash" to begin work on those areas and participate in life.