Official al: official positions distributed as shares to the members of the provincial Council blocks

(Voice of Iraq)--Anbar province, a local official announced in Anbar Wednesday, the start of sharing and distribution managers circles as quotas on members of the provincial Council blocks, arguing that it was contrary to the decision of the Council of Ministers, which prevented the distribution of posts, in accordance with quotas and favouritism.

The official said in an interview for alsumaria news, it "has been distributing and sharing the Chambers members managers and political blocks within the Anbar Council", stating that "each political bloc in the Council share the Director and each members likewise".

The official, who requested anonymity, said "they are acting in those circles as they please, where appointed want as they are partners in the budget and resources", adding that "the Anbar Health Department will share the vote on block management solution, and share Director of Anbar will be the cultivation of mass collaboration, Director of Directorate retired Anbar became the share of members of the Anbar Council, namely Adel Abd ajeel, Taha Abdel Ghani".

He said that "work is under way for all other circuits positions in Anbar will be sharing over the next few days", pointing out that "this action is contrary to the decision of the Council of Ministers which prevent specifies positions according to quotas and favouritism, but Anbar Council did not abide by this decision".

Dominated the Organization "daash" on all circles of Anbar in Ramadi in may, forcing the industry to open headquarters in Amiriyah Fallujah alternative Khalidiya and Baghdad, Anbar Governor decided suhaib Al-Rawi betkl reforms three months before Chambers, which sacked managers a number of them.