Abadi: we will come out from the financial crisis stronger
03:41: 11/18/2015

Khandan - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "We will emerge from the financial crisis that the country is witnessing the strongest said as we establish now to strengthen the economy and the lack of total dependence on oil and we are on the right road."

He said al-Abbadi in his speech during the ceremony hosted by the Martyrs Foundation to honor a group of elites and competencies of the families of the martyrs "Some seem to think that the death of the martyr yard but martyr who addresses of tyranny, injustice, terrorism remains, Khaled and honored today to the families of the martyrs is the commemoration of the martyrs who sacrifice remained country head held high."

He continued Abadi "We live another challenge is the extension of the earlier challenge, a challenge of terrorism as the more those terrorists linked to the ousted Baath It is that stage and we have information about them, and there are studies confirm this."

He said the "terrorist threat was general threatens to Baghdad before and today we fight them in the areas they occupied, and achieve victories on them and freed very large areas, thanks to the sacrifices and the blood of heroes of our armed forces of the army and police and to mobilize popular and Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes," noting that "there is a tremendous amount of requests I receive to volunteer to fight and a number of those who fight terror gangs Daash currently not registered their names in the popular crowd and fighting voluntarily without charge so when we call them volunteers because they are more comprehensive than any label. "

He called al-Abadi "provinces that have liberalized to the presence in their provinces and the holding of meetings in which the boards, it is unacceptable that the meetings held in last place as the number mostly from the sons of Salahuddin province, of the displaced have returned to it and to the members of the provincial council to be present with their wallets."