Political forces calling for activating the strategic policy Council under government reforms
2015-11-18 04:45:50

(Voice of Iraq)-Iraq National Alliance counted that the activation of the strategic policy Council "step in the right direction", with Iraqi forces Union stressed the need for the legislation Council Act, despite his physical "exorbitant", called the Iraqi coalition Government to submit a draft law to Parliament as part of reforms.

National Alliance: activate Policy Council a step in the right direction, said a member of the National Alliance, to activate the strategic policy Council need to activate, it constitutes a step in the right direction ".

Habib said in an interview to the Terminal (term), "Board policies already put forward already and still accessible but need to activate", returned to "activate the Council a step in the right direction for country policies, particularly in the absence of alstratigiat and clear plans, with the aim of rescuing Iraq from chaos caused by the lack of lines drawn for the policies of the country".

The Terminal, said that "General line for the country must be decreed by the Council and everyone has to assume its responsibilities in this time of danger and sensitive the Iraq and the region", returned to "Iraq still suffers chaos despite the passage of more than 12 years after the fall of the former regime".

The Union of Iraqi forces: the need for enactment by the Council despite his hefty material for his part, counting Deputy Association, Iraq Iraqi forces need for strategic policy Council Act legislation, although the State might not be able to afford the financial expenses under the current crisis.

Jenny said, speaking to the (range), that "the policy Council put up since the previous session, but the political blocks, differences still persist on the nature and whether its powers limited, or higher authority than the House, the Government and the Presidency", stating that "Iraq needs for strategic policy Council Act legislation, although the State is not able to withstand the physical duties as a result of the stifling crisis, especially that the need to balance was equivalent to allocate to higher authorities".

The Iraqi coalition Government Bill as part of its reforms on related level returned leading iraqiya, that need has become urgent for the strategic policy Council, and invited the Government to submit a Bill to Parliament as part of reforms, especially that it had abolished the Deputy Presidents of the Republic and the Council of Ministers.

Mason said the detainees, told the (term), "Iraq desperately needs to pick up more classes than ever and the formation of the Assembly's opinion to counter worsening risks", usually that "will be achieved only through the activation of the strategic policy Council formula".

Al-damlugi, felt that "the Council of strategic policies can brings Iraqi politicians, and to build relationships of trust, and develop a common vision towards different important issues both for security or economic or service, especially to the Council came as a result of important agreements between the parties concerned", urging the Government to "provide strategic policy Council Bill to Parliament for the reform of the political process, particularly that it had abolished the Deputy Presidents of the Republic and the Council of Ministers".

Article 1 of the draft law on the Council of strategic policies in its first paragraph that enjoys legal personality and has administrative and financial independence, while article III of the project, the purpose of its establishment is to contribute actively to resolving the contract encountered in the political process in Iraq, the Supreme policy guidelines, recommendations and proposals on legislation and on the reform of the judicial system in accordance with constitutional contexts.

She was party to the National Alliance had been rejected at the previous session of Parliament passed a Bill age National Council for strategic policies being violated the State Constitution and would confiscate the powers of the legislative, Executive and judicial authorities, according to the opinion.