High-Ali: IMF and World Bank International impose devaluation of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -17 November: The MP said the Civil Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, on Tuesday, that incredible views of Ministers on attracting investment to Iraq after 12 years of failure in this area, noting that there were secrets in the negotiations between the government and the IMF and the World Bank, the most important reduction in the value of the Iraqi dinar to 1,500 dinars to the dollar.

He described the high-Sheikh Ali, at a press conference held at the parliament building and attended by the correspondent / Iraq Press / budget in 2016 as "destructive" and said that "in the last year and described the budget 2015 budget prosthetic , but this year Vemoazinh 2016 destructive and not a prosthesis. "said Sheikh Ali" hosted today the ministers of planning and finance, oil, and I can describe our meeting them we did not listen only to the creation of economic non-eloquent, "pointing to" the three ministers did not talk about the secrets of the negotiations with the The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. "said Sheikh, that" one of these important secrets imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which is to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar to be the price of 1500 dinars, "noting that" in the event of Iraq's agreement on the condition it means the destruction of the economy Iraqi. "and between Sheikh Ali" for Ansedk Minister on the subject of investment because the government could not bring investors over 12 years, "describing the variable but by the minister as" laughed chins. "stressed Sheikh Ali that" Civil Alliance condemns and rejects the actions of aggression against demonstrators in Baghdad ", calling for" an understanding with the protesters and listen to their demands. "

The Iraqi Council of Representatives decided on Tuesday, calling the ministers of finance, planning and oil to indicate the government's view on the financial budget law for next year 2016. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Tuesday, its 38 of the first legislative term legislative year, the second headed by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 228 deputies, while the agenda of the meeting included the vote on the bill and discuss the three laws notably financial budget for next year 2016.anthy (1)