Abadi called National Alliance leaders to support future actions will include 8 minis
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Thread: Abadi called National Alliance leaders to support future actions will include 8 minis

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    Abadi called National Alliance leaders to support future actions will include 8 minis

    Abadi called National Alliance leaders to support future actions will include 8 ministries and to ensure Parliament passed
    2015/11/17 (21:01)

    Prime Minister Haider Abadi from the National Alliance leaders supported plans to make reforms soon, called to grant guarantees to pass new measures in the House.

    Coalition members are likely to be protracted repairs Abadi 8 Ministers of the ministries as well as the changes will include agents and general managers.
    Alliance leaders reaffirmed their support for any action taken by the Prime Minister provided no harm to citizens to submit through laws to Parliament.
    A spokesman for the Office of Al-Abbadi was revealed (range), on Sunday, the Prime Minister's intention to launch new reforms will focus on another u.s. Government and managerial positions and greater compression of expenditures, as well as debugging the previous packets.
    And a series of reforms carried out by Abbadi, since last August, the sharp criticism from the national coalition parties as well as other parties, which prompted the House to undo the mandate in a vote conducted earlier this month.
    Says mp Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, a member of State of law Coalition, "National Alliance meeting addressed problems in passing the amnesties and national guard and government reforms".
    Jaafar said that "National Alliance with the enactment of the amnesty law in the Council of representatives provided that coverage of their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis", noting that "the coalition parties agreed to pass the National Guard law".
    Member State Law said that "there are problems and disagreements on the application and activate the National Guard between political blocs", pointing out that "the national coalition parties claiming a guard as military forces are not restricted to a particular province or particular component taking into account the proportions of ingredients, while the other blocks to be the National Guard only one province", adding that "the National Alliance leaders emphasized at its last meeting the need to pass the National Guard law".

    Former Youth Minister, spoke about "simple differences between blocks National Alliance about representation in the law, considering the parties need to count by 1% while invites other parties to 3%". The "greater representation will raise several national guard from 120 to 300 thousand affiliated almost which will burden the federal budget".
    He is a member of the Dawa party, said that "among the topics raised at the meeting of legal accountability, justice and the Federal Court and emphasized their legislation in future periods".
    And about the reforms intended to make, said Rep. Al-Abbadi Jassim Mohammed Jaafar "Prime National Alliance leaders touched on the subject of reforms through to claim the grant guarantee to accept new reforms and passed into the House".
    Deputy Jafar expects that "Prime Minister fixes include a Government change on the cards as well as the return to their places and towns and also the application of law No. 21 transfers from ministries to local governments", likely "these reforms include changes in eight ministries will change some of its ministers and also replaced some agents and general managers where".
    In the meantime, says Geir, Deputy Vice-President of the parliamentary block of Badr, the "new National Alliance, at the last meeting, support for reform, Haidar Al-Abbadi, Prime and strengthened in the face of the selections you require to stand with the Government".
    He told Anthony (range) that "there are delays in the implementation of certain reforms back to security and political problems and the fall in oil prices", asserting "the intention of the President of the u.s. Government and merge some ministries and replacing some of the agents within the new reform plan".

    Adding a cluster member the parliamentary Badr that "National Alliance wants to ensure the success of the reformist Prime Minister provided it does not affect the livelihood of the Iraqi people" and called on the Prime Minister to "provide a detailed and complete to the House about the nature of these ministries waltrshikat through legislation by the law".
    For his part, says mp Habib, a member of the terminal block, the "National Coalition meeting dealt with how the National Guard laws and Amnesty".
    He said the Terminal (range) that "it is necessary to make some adjustments to these laws before their submission to the vote provided that allow criminals to be released".


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