Baghdad holds retirement responsibility authority delayed disbursement of a compensation transaction

Iraq today/supporter Yasser Abbas carried the Baghdad governorate, national retirement, why delay the completion of a special compensatory treatment to victims of terrorism. the representative of the Governor of Baghdad on compensation committees-Abdel Amir yassiri, in a statement reported by the press office, on Monday, expanding on details about that: "despite the persistent claim by Baghdad, complete website to send transactions to the national retirement altouidah, but without success for more than a month and a half, leading to accumulation of transactions Compensation in the form of retirement, disabling a offset transaction, because the Commission will receive abstentions paper transactions ", and called Al-yassiri:" body to receive transactions until the completion of their website ", and winding down for maintenance and logistical preparations, we read:" Baghdad Province created specialized cadres to compensatory transactions sent into retirement, and provide staff with modern computers, and the Committee is linked to the Internet, advanced to speed completion of the transaction, except that the Commission give promises and not implemented " , Al-yasseri has disclosed about its expectations regarding the preparation of compensatory transactions: "compensatory transactions completed on the rise, the impact of the plan drawn up by Baghdad in server processing victims of terrorism", and criticized Al-yasiri retirement authority, because: "failed receipt transactions covered by pensions, thereby depriving families of receiving rights martyrs."