Allawi describes the circumstances of the refusal of his visit to Iran

(Voice of Iraq) twilight News commented national coalition leader Iyad Allawi on reports about his refusal to visit Iran's protocols.

Allawi's Office said in a statement: "some media recently reported news Iyad Allawi refused to meet an official invitation to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran protocols".

He said "the remarks came in the context of the visit was supposed to be in 2005 when Dr. Allawi as Prime Minister, where he wished to be a working visit and not a Protocol, Iraq's role in resolving the tensions in the region and filter files peacefully and through dialogue."

"Allawi is keen on establishing good relations with all States, Islamic and Arabic countries in the region and the world, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs and balanced exchange of interests".

He continued by saying "we library and still wish to neighbouring Iran to play a positive role in the stability of the region and the fight against" terrorism "and engage in a genuine effort to resolve the outstanding issues with the Arabic countries and enhance cooperation for the benefit of the States and peoples of the region."

Allawi's Office said that "continued prayers are flowing into the new regional conference involving Iran along the lines of what has happened in Sharm el-Sheikh Conference in 2005 in the framework of understanding and appreciation the pivotal Iranian role in any regional arrangement for peace, stability and cooperation."