Knight Jasher "constitutional violations" in the budget law: the first affected Basra

(Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Chairman of the point of oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Knight and the existence of "errors of law" and "constitutional violations" in the federal budget for the 2016 law.

Said Knight in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, "The current budget law put a lot of restrictions that do not allow the local government to act finance its share, increasing the resentment visual street, which came out demonstrations rallies to demand better the reality of services", pointing out that the law neglected the rights of visual masses did not pay Ahtmal any of their demands.

He called Knight "the importance of the allocation of functional degrees to the people of Basra province in the federal budget law, to reduce the spread between the youth and open the way for the people of the province in order to work in enterprises and government departments unemployment."

"The law did not allow the province to borrow money or setting up urban projects and services on credit payment system". Pointing out the need to include this paragraph law, which allows local government to Basra agreement with international companies for the implementation of vital projects and services.

"The fact that the province was deprived of the right to dispose with money grants and aid provided by international organizations, and that Bcesp inventory to dispose of these funds the Federal Ministry of Finance, which called for many organizations not to cooperate with the province," saying this paragraph as inconsistent with the Constitution and pose great damage of the province of Basra. "

He said Knight "that the budget law voted by the Council of Ministers has allowed the Kurdistan region of failing to honor its terms if the central government had breached the financial and oil Bagyatea with the province, committed with the provinces applied even if the central government did not comply with the financial promises with the provinces."

And between "The acceptance of two dollars for every barrel of oil producer and a duplicate of the province in addition to two dollars for the production of 150 cubic meters of natural gas will lose maintain a lot of their money guaranteed by the amended law of the provinces", pointing out that the paragraph survival of these differences owed by the central government expressing vague especially as it did not disclose its annual imports
He called Knight "members of the provincial council to form a specialized committee to take on the study of the federal budget for 2016 and the provision of legal proposals to include the rights and maintain coordination with the representatives of Basra in the House of Representatives to ensure the project introducing them into paragraphs of the law."