Iraq raises flag over the judicial complex in Ramadi

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - morning

MOSUL - Sunrise Maher
Income "Doaash Mosul" in a narrow circle critical angle and filed on Monday, to impose a curfew on the general areas of the city, in a move indicating the mounting panic among their ranks, it comes on after victories daily our forces in all the cutouts, which saw yesterday killed dozens of "terrorists" including leading figures and the families of others, while ZF fight against "terrorism" Bushra device edit the judicial complex in Ramadi.


Able to combat "terrorism" yesterday Edit judicial buildings in the complex device north of Ramadi and raising the Iraqi flag over it, Mekpda Aldoaash heavy losses, according to the Council of Anbar province, a member of Amal Fahdawi, who confirmed impose full control and the development of the fortifications necessary on the compound which adjoins the leadership of Anbar former operations headquarters buildings and it is one of the strategic locations within the city and includes a resumption of Anbar and the role of judges and the Directorate of Judicial Police and prison Altesfarat Court. 5-kilo device area as forces entered and liberated the south-western part of them.

In a statement to the cell media war, that 31 "terrorists" from Daash including leading figures were killed Bgartin carried them Air Force in Anbar yesterday, under the national intelligence service information, noting that the first raids targeted (Dar calculation is Daash) the center of Ramadi that killed 21 "terrorists" including «officials (arithmetic) and (security in the definitive nationalization) and (military detachment). The other raid destroyed the camp's (Daash) in Hit, west of Ramadi, which killed ten "terrorists", including leading figures.


At the same time, the international airline alliance managed to kill 11 Daashaa, according to the leadership of the island Operations 0.7 of them were killed in the quarterly area, and four others were killed in the cupboard area between al-Baghdadi and Heat. With the popular crowd forces dismantled a large group of improvised explosive devices during the late hours of the night in the east of Fallujah boycotted the vine to open the way for advanced pieces. People crowd confirmed the arrest of a number of "terrorists" in the outskirts of Amiriyat al-Fallujah.
All of this coincided with confirmation island operations commander Ali Ibrahim Dbon, the arrival of reinforcements comprising thousand troops for the seventh band via air bridge between the capital Baghdad and the base was appointed al-Baghdadi al-Assad in hand to enhance located in a modern army troops and al-Baghdadi.


The news correspondent «morning» a security source in Nineveh police, saying that "terrorists" Daash announced yesterday to impose a total curfew throughout the city of Mosul against the backdrop of an escalation of the bombing of Flight International Alliance for their positions and killed dozens of them, adding that those gangs banned roaming citizens in the areas the left and right coasts and the center of Mosul, and ordered the civilians not to go out of the house. He stated that the so-called wheels (Daash) and police detachments wheels (calculation) are the other withdrew from the city center and sites belonging to the fear Daash targeted by aircraft, while Aldoaash did not specify how long it takes and how long the ban lifted. The source indicated that the bombing of the aircraft included the original and alternative sites and mobile detachments "to terrorists" Daash in Mosul.

For his part, the federal police chief Raed Shakir Jawdat, the arrest of (Saleh Alhacmaoa) operations involved a "terrorist" in Salahuddin province, under the intelligence information confirmed his presence in the Jihad district of Baghdad. He also stressed adjust the hardware amassed in the village of Hamdania capital with parties featuring large quantities of mortar rounds and fillings and detonators and hand grenades. While it is according to a statement to inform the crowd that the popular crowd forces have killed 60 "terrorists" and the destruction of Daash six wheels bombing targeted a number of their hideouts in a village on the island of Albonguib west of Samarra.