The private sector .. Big Boss country's economy!?

Is still the lips of most experts and specialists in economic affairs, calling on the government to stimulate blood circulation to the private sector, hoping to contribute to saving the economic body of the country of Geltth.naib President of the Economic Media Center and an expert on economic affairs - haven Secretary, advised: The government , activate and promote the role of the private sector ", and the importance of your role in the country's economy, the Secretary commented:" It is President operator of the market, so the growth, gives indicators, the recovery and the health of the national economy, "and how the private activated by the government, disclosed the Secretary in his speech us: "The government, the restructuring of the national economy resources, including granting the private sector, its real role in the development process .. by providing it with laws and regulations that contribute to its growth, correctly, can the future of the leadership of the country's economy, and the adoption of the citizens in their living" , due Us Secretary to the past, and the reality of the private sector in the country's economy: "The private sector in Iraq, was more than 60 contracts, an influential heavily on the national economy, and in the fifties of the last century, the amount of imports the export of oil, placed in the Council Fund Top of the reconstruction of who was responsible for the provision of infrastructure sober, and luxurious for future generations, Vahtam Council at the time the construction of dams, bridges, agricultural roads construction of rivers and streams in agricultural areas, and set up schools, hospitals, universities, cities and industrial and major factories, and sewage and tourist facilities of government services and institutions that can be funded itself in the future, "added the virtues of your past," as well as security and defense and social institutions which are funded by public money and taxes ", then the Secretary advice in the following way:" You have to planners, leaders and politicians put in mind, support the private sector and the need for rehabilitation, to support the national economy and create new jobs while providing added services to gross domestic product and the country's reputation on the industrial and agricultural level ", and the methods and procedures to facilitate the return of your pulse, we read:" I pray to facilitate business registration process procedures according influential Iraqi law, and to take action to control its actions by the concerned ministries, and the enactment of new laws, contribute to the private sector and investment growth, and encourage the private sector to the industrial, agricultural, service and tourist production, with controls and taxes for goods imported ", and the role of bank loans, the Secretary concluded:" Open the door of loans for industrial and agricultural projects small by the government and private banks, and the benefits of incentive, while ensuring control over these projects and follow-up measures. "