Change to the popular crowd: we will not accept any aggression against the Kurds in Baghdad

The change movement members met with Hezbollah brigades on Monday 16-11-2015, in Baghdad, to talk about conditions in touz khormato.

MDC Member said Kawa Mohammed roodao network information about the meeting with the Hezbollah brigades, to discuss the current situation in the touz khormato, Kurds in Iraqi almhavdat conditions, and said that it "does not accept the attack on Kurds in Baghdad".

Mohammed said, "the parties were agreed impose security in touz khormato, nappy on the lives and property of citizens, and that the Kurds and Shiites are brothers in Iraq, and the owners of the common revolution against the Baath regime".

And discussed during the meeting on the outstanding problems in the touz khormato and ways of resolving these problems, security, political, and all parties stand against attacks, it's not in the interest of any party, and shall not assault on Kurds in Baghdad walmhavdat.

Hezbollah brigades are Shiite militia, founded in times of the Baath party, according to the founders of these militias, and after the fall of the Baath party in 2003, starting with events in Iraq, receive orders from Hezbollah, have now become the main forces battling daash.