Tohme: should check the oil licensing rounds for the depletion of the Iraqi economy

The head of the parliamentary virtue Ammar Tohme stressed the need to review the oil licensing rounds "to depletion of the Iraqi economy."
Said Tohme told a news conference at the parliament building was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] "should check the licensing rounds because they deplete the Iraqi economy, all the excess oil dues be one-third of Iraq and the rest goes to foreign companies."
He explained that "the source quantities of oil before licenses 1.8 million barrels rounds a day after hold them up to 3 million at best Maani increased 1.2 million barrels and is equal to 40% of the total output it is equal to the expected revenue at a price of $ 40 a barrel, 17 billion dinars allocated of which 11 billion for companies and 6 billion just for Iraq, "and called for" a review of the details of contracts and wages service for these companies.
"The oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, revealed in 30 of last March for the loss of the state more than $ 14 billion paid in compensation to foreign companies operating in Iraq as a result of disruptions bore responsibility."
He pointed out that "the licensing rounds contracts stipulated in Article 12/5 of which he [the company extractive entitled to review the proposed program of work in any or certified by the proposed level of production, has required under the written notice, the contractor or operator increase or reduce [reduce] the rate of production from the contract area for any of the following reasons] " .
He attributed this loss Abdul-Mahdi to "poor planning or because of the application of restrictions and regulations and procedures of the obsolete Tkhosrna more than protect us or defend our interests," .