The fourth series of Chalabi files reveal transfers and money laundering for the benefit of Al Huda Bank

Over the years, the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House Financial Committee Chairman and head of the Iraqi National Congress, preoccupied with issues of financial and administrative corruption, notably smuggling billions of dollars out of the country via fake financial companies mostly international banker residential exhausted these billions from State coffers and of people, leading to empty the Treasury and economic projects and service crashes.

Since assuming the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, the late Chalabi in the current House in mind reveal details of these, particularly dangerous file file smuggling foreign currency and actually succeeded in collaboration with other members of the Committee and State officials collect hundreds of documents prepared by the report submitted by the Commission and others, including the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and the Government. As Chalabi told "term" in due course it valuable cooperation received from the Ministry of finance and the Minister Hoshyar Zebari detect this file and other facts.

Late Chalabi informed the Foundation "range" early on this file and a copy of its contents to the enterprise, hoping to begin deployment of the file at a time to be determined by it, as he was waiting for the positions of other parties, including the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, was looking to get support for open this file and other files which reveals the activities of mafia corruption in the country and close relations with senior officials in this State.

Now Dr. Chalabi has gone from this world, the term institution finds itself obliged to implement what was agreed with the late Chalabi, and publish here new pages of this file attached with Huda submitted late in his note to the Chalabi integrity Commission parlementaire less than a month before his death as a model for "irregularities and crimes committed by a group of banks and their owners in an auction of foreign currency".

The prosecution requested the investigation and a criminal complaint based on the move "report of suspicion", prepared by the Central Bank, the money laundering reporting Office referred the chairmanship of Prosecution/Attorney General to the Presidency of the Court at the Palace of Justice/Rusafa to Rusafa Tribunal second Huda bank file containing the suspicions of illegal financial transactions and money laundering. The Central Bank's book included significant reference to the "existence of internal transfers from the Rafidain Bank through the payment system (RTGS) for strengthening the bank balance Huda (stock company) to participate in the buying and selling of foreign currency current account with the Central Bank of Iraq".

The public prosecution service in front of the Presidency of the Court at the Palace of Justice/Rusafa number/date/1422 23/4/2015/Rusafa Tribunal Mr. second investigative judge in charge of the money-laundering cases Esquire m/legal action we enclose herewith book CBI/money laundering reporting Office – audit and investigation section no. 2 in 7/4/2015 with all its annexes, hoping to see and take legal measures and moves the criminal complaint in connection with the subject and let us know your action with appreciation.

Haider Hisham Abdel Razak, Director General of the Assize Court in the Palace of Justice/Rusafa book CBE enclosures--------------------Republic of Iraq Central Bank money-laundering reporting Office/Department of audit and investigation No. 2 date 7/4/2015/Presidency prosecution – public prosecution service

Justice – Palace of Rusafa m/report of suspicion after the salutation.

We would like to inform you that the money laundering reporting Office observed through the analysis of data and information available to him on the existence of internal transfers from the Rafidain Bank through the payment system (RTGS) for strengthening the bank balance Huda (stock company) to participate in the buying and selling of foreign currency current account with the Central Bank of Iraq has reached the limit (1,543,212) million dinars (trillion, 500 and forty-three billion and two hundred and twelve million dinars) and duration of 2/2/2014 until 30/6/2014 with display size Executing foreign remittances for the period above the limits (1802)-million-dollar (6.8 billion and two million dollars) has been taking a number of actions and steps pursuant to paragraph (article 12) of the anti-money laundering Act (No. 93) of 2004 and we couldn't get a clear explanation of the sources and the safety of those funds face converted according to paragraph (4) of article above include actions and findings

1. asked by writers (secret and personal/143) on 11/8/2014 from Rafidain Bank to let us know whether due diligence was taken against conversions (internal) issued through the payments system (RTGS) to Al Huda Bank (joint stock company) and limits (1,543,212) million dinars (trillion, 500 and forty-three billion and two hundred and twelve million dinars) for the duration of 2/2/2014 until 30/6/2014 schedule associated with a book and a copy to the Directorate-General for finance and credit control and General Directorate of accounts at the Central Bank to take on Audit and follow-up sources feeding the Al Huda bank account and received an answer Rafidain numbered book (secret and personal 989) on 26/8/2014 that these amounts are notices issued by the Bank Al-Huda (stock company) at their branch President the task of investigating the sources of the money customers rests the responsibility of Bank Al-Huda (stock company) being an independent financial institution under the supervision of the Central Bank and subject to the money laundering Act to create an AML Division investigate clients and accepting deposits in accordance with paragraph (1) of article ( 17) paragraph (1) of article 18 of law and responsibility (Rafidain) confined to follow-up on the implementation of requests for transfers in the Bank.

2. the Bank was approached again by the numbered book (secret and personal 178) on 14/9/2014 to provide details of the names and deposits these customers for the merits of the case and the Bank was stressed for the purpose of answer under our book no. (secret and personal/3) 5/1/2015 and their answer was received under the numbered book (2105) on 17/2/2015 that President branch has investigated deposits through money laundering form and there is no reference to any doubt on these transactions by the Bank as a precaution it The demand from private banks at the above under type no. (615) on 10/2/2015 addressed to private banks, which decided to apologize to accept cash deposits for the reasons contained therein on the basis of the above, as that Rafidain Bank directed its branches under type no. (1013) on 31/8/2014 should apply the principle to inform your customer with the highest levels of the State and enclose (162) filing form regarding these transfers.

3. was approaching the unit funds and the financing of terrorism in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the book of money-laundering reporting Office No. (Sri/161) on 27/8/2014, based on the memorandum of understanding between the Office and to provide any information they have about foreign remittances through the CBI beneficiary companies in Jordan through WebSphere schedule facility for this purpose detailing those remittances, recipient companies and the quality and quantity of goods with an indication of the extent of their financial capacity to implement Those requests were received and replied to a numbered book (Sri, Maktoum/877) on 30/11/2014 that this unit has not yet confirmed that the Housing Bank for trade and finance correspondent bank and select the beneficiaries of remittances in available information, provided by you.

4. the Office, in coordination with the Directorate General for investments in the Iraqi Central Bank for being responsible for the follow-up of transfer requests for the Bank and found that CBI does not convert the remittance level every customer, but the total amount to the current account opened in foreign banks outside Iraq on behalf of Al Huda Bank (joint stock company). So it cannot ascertain the real beneficiary of these remittances outside Iraq only checks the current statement to the dollar to Huda (stock company) outside Iraq in the light of this General Directorate asked for investments under our numbered (series 12) on 18/1/2015 us open current accounts figures outside Iraq for guidance and Bank have received their answers under their internal numbered (5/2/229) at 22/1/2015 the current account number Bank Huda (stock company) Bank (housing/Oman) (0012102900201).

5. Al Huda Bank was approached (Société Anonyme) under the numbered book (secret and personal/24) on 28/1/2015 to provide current account slip No. (0012102900201) open to the dollar in the name of their bank at the Bank of Oman for housing mentioned that we receive the answer but their bank officer within three days of receipt of this book and who sent them but an employee of the Office and not the answer until the preparation of this report.

6. we have approached the General Commission for taxes Office numbered book (series/194) on 27/10/2014 to let us know whether it was Al-Huda Bank clients tax accounting and disclosure of names attached to customers and the amounts procured through window selling currency and emphasis was placed on the body of our schools the numbered (Sri/210) on 9/12/2014 (series/16) on 19/1/2015 answer has been received to date.

1. to answer the Rafidain above are inadequate and inaccurate that Huda Bank is one of his clients and is responsible for making sure those sources and integrity of transfers pursuant to section 5 of the anti-money laundering Act (No. 93) in 2004 for being used for the purposes of entry in the window selling foreign currency bank generated doubts through closing bank account guidance and steer its branches regarding due diligence proceedings and did not investigate and verify the sources of these funds and our response until the preparation of this report.

2. the deposit slips referred to in paragraph (2) above (162) voucher requires the formation of a Committee to check those coupons based on files of the customers and their compatibility with their business relationship with Al Huda Bank does not install some names and some vouchers do not contain the full name of the beneficiary and thus we were unable to validate data and remittances and the real beneficiary.

3. the failure to answer the special Bank of Huda asked to provide us with current account statement referred to above and with the Housing Bank has contravened article 8 of the anti-money laundering Act (No. 93) of 2004 so this Office could not verify the true beneficiary the amounts transferred according to representations made by the Bank and analytical statements for the names of customers and the quality of the goods and the beneficiaries with the show we haven't received results audit Directorate General monitor banking and credit to date.

The theme of our transactions above according to paragraph (article 12) of the anti-money laundering Act (No. 93)/2004 is not in a clear business purpose for failure to provide reasonable information and clarification by the Rafidain Bank and Al-Hoda and it see: 1. take necessary action by the Central Bank of Iraq towards the Rafidain Bank of violating section (5) above and pursuant to article 9 of the money laundering Act (No. 93) of 2004.

2. take necessary action by the Central Bank of Iraq towards Al Huda Bank contravenes articles (8) and (9) above.

3. composition of the Committee of competent authorities in accordance with the laws in force (Office of financial supervision and the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of finance and the Directorate General for the control of banking and credit) check conversions Rafidain Bank customers and used through the payments system to engage in the sale of foreign currency for the topic of the report to make sure sources of funds and the true owner.

4. take action on Bank Huda provide current account slips open to foreign banks (USD) to the General Directorate for finance and credit control to ensure the safety of the beneficiaries after the match with executing foreign remittances for the subject of the report and verify the real beneficiary in accordance with representations made by Huda Bank add to check customer records and verification of compliance in accordance with the requirements of article 22 of the above law and supports the receipt of goods according to customs clearances, import permits.

To kindly inform and herewith correspondence and statements referred to.

Annexes: list of correspondence and statements.

Naim tastes khudair General Manager an agency 7/4/2015 list disclosures and correspondence: 1-Note by the money laundering reporting Office to Governor on 7/8/2014.

2. our book entitled to Rafidain Bank/Office of the Director-General No. (s/143) on 19/8/2014 with annexes.

3. Note the money laundering reporting Office to Governor on 12/8/2014.

4. book of Rafidain public administration/Office of the Director-General No. (secret and personal/989) on 26/8/2014.

5. our book (series/161) on 27/8/2014 entitled unit to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in the Hashemite Kingdom and the attached statements.

6. the book of money-laundering reporting Office No. (secret and personal/178) on 14/9/2014 entitled to Rafidain Bank/Office of the Director-General.

7. book unit against money laundering and terrorist financing in the Hashemite Kingdom to this Office and numbered (confidential and discreet/m. g. a/2/2/877 on 30 November 2014.

8. our book (secret and personal/3) 5/1/2015 entitled to Rafidain Bank/Public Administration Office of the Director-General.

9. our numbered (secret and personal/12) on 18/1/2015 entitled to CBI/DG investment.

10. Note the CBI/investment section to this Office and numbered (5/2/229) at 22/1/2015.

11-numbered book (secret and personal/24) on 28/1/2015 entitled to guidance.

12. the book of Rafidain public administration/Department of internal oversight to the Office and numbered (fields/2015) on 17/2/2015 and the annexes thereto.

13-numbered book (series/194) on 27/10/2014 entitled to general tax authority/corporate Department and its annexes.

14. our schools the numbered (Sri/210) and (Sri/16) 9/12/2014-19/1/2014 respectively entitled to Ministry of finance general administration of taxes companies.