Activists representing the protesters accuse Parliament "inaction" on reform and wonder: when he wakes up from its lull

(Voice of Iraq)-Iraq charged activists representing the protesters, on Monday, the Parliament "silence and indifference and inaction" on the performance of constitutional duties toward the demands of the protesters, despite almost 17 weeks, and while the enemy that the survival of the Board holding b "quota confessional and useless conflict, conflict unjustified with Executive authority", exacerbating the crisis and restores production of "corruption", demanded legislation consistent with reform and address the "imbalance" legislative system, and take action "real and tangible" to combat corruption, and activate its oversight role.

The activists said in their statement, entitled "do the House wakes up from its lull", received (range), that "the Iraqi peaceful protests continues our extensive deplorable conditions affecting security, requesting to open corrupt files and corrupt accounting who plundered public funds and let Iraq live poverty, destitution, disease and illiteracy".

Activists said that "protests as the seventeenth week intervened, the protesters could not find non-silence and indifference on the part of the House, meant to be the first responders to the voice of protesters as the representative of the people, as stated in the Constitution, and not heard only in reform paper Declaration (9 August 2015), remain a dead letter, promising to launch a second Pack, they began trying to anger people, tormented with the diamond, disaster and the suffering under injustice".

Activists, he added that "the House didn't bother to answer the statement protesters (6th of November 2015), which addressed in one of its paragraphs to the House's role in the reform, including laws dealing with legal loopholes in the Cabinet action packs", asserting that "deputies failed constitutional duties and tasks entrusted to it, and did not care about the unfolding crisis which debilitated the country and avkarth and made him the scene of bloody terrorism swept by sectarian and ethnic quotas produced corruption and protecting the corrupt".

The activists demanded the House back "to carry out the most urgent and necessary duties which should immediately be dealt with without delay and procrastination", two shops him "responsible for the consequences of the crisis and their interactions, along with Executive power".

The activists called on behalf of the protesters, the House of representatives to "take legislative action pack is to speed up the enactment of laws to provide legal cover for all paragraphs in the reform packages issued by the Council of Ministers, in coordination with the Prime Minister and the Government", they antagonized the "reforms must be coupled with legislative system that meets their need and organize its work and to chart the way to them".

The activists demanded the Parliament to "enact legislation consistent with reform and address any defect or deficiency in the legislative system and the abolition of laws which are incompatible with the reform, most of the legislation in force does not meet the need of reforms, is lagging behind and need to" lghaa the legislation of the former regime, the era of dictatorship and tyranny which has a window, according to article 130 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the legislation remains in force, unless the repealed or amended in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, as many of the legislation The previous system was issued in response to the Law Reform Act No. 35 of 1976, which derives its ideas from the political report of the eighth country to the disbanded Baath party ", saying that it was" unreasonable to keep Iraq after 12 years of change, under the laws and resolutions ".

The activists also demanded, "the adaptation of legislation issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority since the beginning of the occupation until the departure of its Chief Executive, Paul Bremer, in accordance with the privacy and Constitution of Iraq", remarkably self-critical that "part of the focus of legislation grasp and him and his philosophy for that stage, not including what contributes to the institutional structure of the State, and did not lay the foundations needed to build the State, not including what works to support reforms".

Activists, urged Parliament to "enact laws required by the Constitution to the several articles of the Constitution, which ended with the phrase and this shall be regulated by law, namely that the number of laws which the Constitution requires legislation (67), and are the Foundation of the State according to the philosophy espoused by the Constitution in force", they antagonized the "House, and since its inception in various sessions, only (19) legally, within the throes of Asir for abhorrent quotas, accompanied by weakness of vocational rehabilitation for the legislative process and knowledge required for legislation, must come some To light the reasons for non-compliant legislation, lack of plot required legal drafting, and in part inconsistent with applicable laws ".

Activists, believed that "what had been enacted laws for elections, not Government Ministers in achieving reforms, the required base sound legislation enabling the Government to initiate reforms, the absence of such legislation makes the repairs lacked legitimacy. Therefore, the absence of legislation supporting the reforms achieved makes far-fetched ", b" promulgation of laws on the judiciary, which help in the reform of the judiciary is real, and that the philosophy of promoting citizenship legislation and of national unity and a culture of love and tolerance and to expand political participation, abolishing quotas and renounce political sectarianism ".

In the axis on the "fight against corruption", the activists, the "real and concrete effort in combating corruption is still absent, is approaching the House, corrupt files, and as a result of quota confessional consensus, which spread to a quota of corruption", calling for the need to "accelerate the probe into case files Spyker, Russian arms deal corruption, seize State property, the draft Baghdad, capital of Arabic culture, explosive detection device, the final accounts for the past years, particularly in 2014, school construction deals, oil licensing round that carried Iraq Unjustified losses ".

And at the Centre of the "voltage control", called on activists to "organize follow-up on cases transferred to judicial authority, and procedures in the fight against corruption, as well as your on judiciary, and deterioration of the health situation and the lack of services in this area, as well as protect doctors from uncontrolled armed gangs, the declining education and high failure rates", also demanded to know "the future of air transportation and Iraqi Airways, and reasons that stand without support of factories and plants owned by the State, because of fear of selling for corruption, follow the oil licensing round that carried Iraq Unnecessary losses, claim review in the light of experience and improve their management to ensure corporate spending waste removal ".

And in "House Manager", the activists stressed the need to "transfer case from the House of sharecropping and conflicts to corrupt the dome defends the people and interests, without concern for personal interests and partisan, and take a firm stance in the absence of Deputies and release a number of them, and the importance of exemplary decisions right who do not perform their task perfectly, and published the names on transcript", urging the Parliament to "reducing holiday and work on better investment of time for the real work of Parliament; from regulatory and legislative And demands of citizens ".

The activists demanded the Parliament, "securing the presence of its citizens, and move Parliament sessions live in the media with the exception of meetings involving national security, wetrshik structure for the Board and remove the loops from staff and advisers and staff of the service to start immediately and comprehensively relatives and affiliated with the Presidency and the members of Parliament", and that "the abolition of hospitality expenditures and incidentals of the Council, and not to make the Council galleries lounges for meetings and assemblies profile, canceling testimony unnecessary privileges to be mp as citizen review governmental hospitals and don't distract Any amount of private hospitals, and reduce the protections, and that link the protections, and institutional financial management, and not a member of the Council so as to ward off corruption and corruption and astronauts ".

Activists, felt that "the survival of Parliament maintaining a quota confessional and futile conflict and bickering back and and unjustified conflict with the Executive, and not to set conditions for cooperation, not only to deepen the crisis, and reproduce the corruption and corrupt people at the expense of protecting the country and build it", saying that "the Iraqi people through a variety of events including HP demonstrations continued and continuing protests, proven energy and commitment to rights that do not waive them".

The activists stressed, "people strongly maintain present and protect interests, defend its future, and for all this is not flattering to any institution or individual who stands in front of his desire for peace and development and a decent life, freedom and social justice and State institutions and law and true democracy".

The majority of the Iraqi provinces are experiencing widespread popular mobility demand reform of the political process and the judiciary, fight corruption, and real service improvement, the Supreme Shiite religious authority endorsed and called on the Government to "strike hard on corruption and corrupt" and respond to the demands of the protesters, but that whole "not conducive" to reform measures "essential" despite the announcement of the Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, what he termed "reform packages", due to colliding with "strong countermeasures" at times, the law and the Constitution, enters, and "frequency" or another.