Parliamentary Integrity is studying TBI file

(Independent) ... MP Mohammed Hamidi said that the fact that the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary hosted on Monday, Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry and Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of documentary credits in the bank indicating that the Commission sent a number of questions by the House of Representatives regarding the work of the bank and banking facilities and loans to individuals and companies .

Hamidi and referred to the committee requested detailed statistics include bank branches inside and outside Iraq and the amount of capital each branch belonging to the bank and real estate that were sold or bought or Astojarha or invested with all the details and statistical investments and profits earned and loans granted to projects for $ million and more, and the type of project, location, company, owner and value loan and the premiums paid and unpaid, guarantees and value and the actions taken in connection with real estate collateral and other details ..

He said as the Commission requested details about specific projects, as well as loans granted to government officials.

He said Hamidi other questions directed to the Director General of the bank and her accompanying delegation Committee heard answers that are hosted on the Commission to provide the required statistics-and the other is written answers next week.

And the Integrity Committee decided to form a parliamentary sub-committee of specialists to study the files and Statistics and answers and charged with providing a final report for the purpose of voting attic before submitting it to the House. (End)