Abadi: provincial actors where services are better

HeLa/Iraq News Network-Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi Monday in Babil province transfer of powers from a number of ministries to the province and held a closed meeting of the supreme body Al-Abbadi for coordination among provinces in the presence of six Governors and a number of Ministers to discuss the transfer of powers, "Al-Ibadi had arrived Friday morning to Babil province to meet with provincial governors to discuss transferring powers. this Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi's commitment to transfer powers to the provinces in accordance with the Constitution and law and Government program and the library statement quoted abady as saying while chairing the meeting 9th the supreme body for coordination among provinces held in Babil province said Monday: "there are problems emerged affecting State and some counties and slides, including with regard to health institutions, intervention in addition to overrun by some provinces for their share of electricity which negatively affects the rest of the provinces in which the oppression of citizens of these provinces as well as the issue of water and the water quotas must be equitable distribution." the Prime Minister called for "cooperation between departments and ministries to expedite the transfer of powers to the reluctant provinces" Stressing "the need to activate the role of the District Councils and its not disabled due to political differences affect their work as" confirmed Abadi "there should be a State of harmony between the Council and the Governor for their complementary and interchange will affect the status of" warning "to intervene in the professional aspects of State institutions and the work should be to improve performance".