Al-Jabouri: responsibility of tolerance rests with the leaders of politics, religion and tribe

Baghdad/Iraq News Network said House speaker Salim Al-jubouri that Iraq "has lots of common areas and mixed races and creeds because of sectarian violence and terrorism," and urged "the reinstatement of conscription for the reintegration of the Iraqi people," Al-jubouri said in his speech at the Conference on the international day for tolerance, held Monday in Baghdad in the presence of UN representative Jorge Boston, a number of MPs, Ministers and religious and academic personalities and representatives of civil society : "We must work hard to strengthen the confidence between all the components of Iraqi society in General, and more specifically, the parties to the political process," he said "mutual trust launched our tolerance and rumor, and practically on the floor, to be better able to eliminate terrorism and religious extremism, even moving the wheel of democracy, peace and coexistence, NCB, offset a scene of violence and revenge, and revenge spiral, and moderating the grudge, to be able to build a state citizenship based on the rights and obligations of non-discrimination and distinction between components". "we noted opportunities Large to restore some people melt after that try terrorism shredded and succeeded to a certain extent of breaks the fear of each other, some people responded to a call of concern and focused groups are consistent with each other in specific areas to take cover from gun under subheadings and divided the population groupings to clear bias to type "." we lost many mixed areas and shared this great risk cannot surrender to him, and we should not respond to attempts to change the demographic and deliberate ethnic cleansing and species, and indicates the importance of this review Is the growing migration of Christians descent walazideyen outside Iraq, and left many Sunnis and Shiites to regions under threat from fear of gun groups daash resulting in the absence of some of these mixed areas of original inhabitants who have lived since the reign of parents and grandparents. "House speaker stressed that" loyalty to the country was not incompatible with allegiance to other secondary affiliations, but must be priority for loyalty And the provision of national interest over the interests of the community or sect or tribe, in the event of a collision. "he explained that" living means openness and sustained communication with the rest of the ingredients, in order to weave a positive relations, through the revitalization of the relationship with the ideas and convictions of each component, so that the relationship is dynamic and flexible and efficient, and that coexistence requires the acceptance of pluralism, respect for the cultural component and forms of expression of ideas of humanism, and presumably other knowledge, openness, communication, it and the freedom to interact and coexist with him. "and between that" major opportunities That guarantees us the permanence of coexistence and diversity are the universities is important and influential chip thatzon young bookworm who contribute to strengthening this culture, and moreover what we called him over and is reintroducing conscription which opens another opportunity for integration of the Iraqi people, some of them new and strengthening social networking. "and stated that" the philosophy of tolerance based on the narrow spaces between the races, castes and religions and doctrines and ideas, that does not mean never waive these principles or her identification with each other but Means focusing on humanitarian participants highlighted by all faiths and religions, ideas and trends, and the respect for humanity and belief in plurality and diversity and acceptance of others and understanding. "and noted that" the responsibility of tolerance rests with the leaders of politics, religion and tribe and civil society, all of them able to influence society by a certain percentage, if tmala Everyone support this concept and institutionalized people approached integration and coexistence, and left the concept of the Group thought the State and the nation, and if we tried to study the roots of intolerance, we find that the community arising from reasons of a substantive defect in the discourse and theory reflected clearly and directly to performance and application "and said" Iraq has seen since the dawn of human diversity and multiplicity, and did not incite a nation as Oti, had lived and lived on his land of religions and races and creeds and ideas and trends, the integration and understanding feature life all of them for Throughout history, while the different groups in the world, has been struggling to exist and influence, for example, the Iraqis then hit a great love and affection and acceptance of others, and the biggest proof that remain to this day as part of a spectrum of ethnic and variety. "he noted that" what has happened in Paris a few days ago unfortunately, bring us in the circle of collective responsibility to save the world from terrorism, and this requires effort qualitatively integral to disseminate a culture of peace and to prevent terrorists from recruiting more young people and seduced, we In today's open square against terrorism, breaking boundaries and transcend geography and bayonet against confirmed. "and" we are in the Middle East in General and Iraq in particular assuming responsibility for direct confrontation where we need unlimited support for the overheads of this confrontation, eliminate terrorism here in his hole in areas dominated by him would facilitate the task of the world in cracking down in other regions and myopia influence in several ways, the most important of the dissemination of a culture of peace and diversity, coexistence and engaging Peoples against him public humiliation, all require further support social justice and the Elimination of unemployment and poverty and deal with all races on the basis of the International Bill of human rights "." of all the above see the need to support the programs of coexistence and diversity, especially international organizations and on this occasion I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the United Nations development programme in Iraq and carried out several programmes in this framework still works side by side with the Iraqi Government, the Iraqi Parliament and civil society organizations in support of tolerance and coexistence and diversity. 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