Abadi: no right to any administrator closing files corruption

Baghdad/Iraq News-abbady said during a press conference after chairing a meeting of the higher Coordination Committee of the provinces of Babylon today: that the Iraqi Government cannot undo file transfer of powers to local governments as approved by the Council of representatives established under which the Iraqi Government, "he said," is not entitled to any Government, even though the Prime Minister closed files concerning corruption cases. "he noted that" there are powers of the eight ministries would be transferred to local governments in the remaining powers of some federal ministries, however, The Iraqi Government to guarantee employment at Iraq ", pointing out that" the Iraqi Government is seeking through file transfer of competencies to ensure a better level of services provided to the provinces through the opportunity for local governments to work in harmony with nature ", stressing that" the transfer of powers to the provinces professionally taking jurisdiction in each file without allowing political interference to ensure the independence of the Government departments concerned with the transfer of powers. "and left Al-Abbadi to Iraqi Government through regulatory bodies His past to pursue all corruption and hold all those involved by whatever government positions ", vowing" to prosecute all those involved in the theft of money and hold them legally to defer money seized, he said.
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