Baghdad transformation projects, the implementation of service to payment on credit

Our economy / Baghdad - Baghdad Provincial Council about the implementation of service projects for the year 2016 of the regional development plan to the payment on credit due to lack of financial allocations. This came at a time when the local government of Basra received offers from foreign companies to set up desalination plants by postpaid.

Chairman of the Commission services to the outskirts of Baghdad in the Council to Hegel said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that the council has decided to transform the future of its projects in 2016 for a year of development of the regions to implement Order-term plan, as the Council promising priority to projects of school buildings for the construction of about 100 distributed among the six directorates Educational School in Baghdad, according to the need and student density areas which suffer from overcrowding numbers of students per class and health clinics, hospitals, and water and sewer projects and paving roads in the province of Baghdad districts.

He revealed Hegel for a study to implement a project Mjsr on the Tigris River starts from the cities area descended on the international road to Baghdad, Diwaniya and serve the complex Basmajh residential, adding that the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 347, which aims to filter all the projects is carried out in previous years in the provincial council Disable it or complete what amounted to including advanced completion rates.

He stated that the Council of Ministers had already allocated $ 12 million to the province of Baghdad to implement service projects in a way payment on credit, declaring the intention to maintain the implementation of 450 projects in the areas of the cities and NAHRAWAN and Husseiniya stopped precaution because of the financial crisis faced by the country.