Jubouri: we lost a lot of mixed areas in Iraq and demand the return of conscription

Monday 16-11-2015 | 3:05:38

Twilight News Parliament Speaker Salim al / warned on Monday of the continued loss of the country for many mixed areas between the spectral components in the country due to the spread of terrorism, while the new demanding the return of compulsory service in the Iraqi army.

Jubouri said in a speech during the International Day Conference on Tolerance, which was held on Monday in Baghdad, in the presence of the United Nations representative Georgi Boston, and a number of MPs, ministers and religious and academic personalities and representatives of civil society that "we have great opportunities to re-melting the people interconnected after he tried to terrorism shredded and succeeded to a certain extent to put the fear of each other breaks, and he heard some of the appeal concern centered harmonious groups with each other in specific areas to take shelter from the threat of arms under the sub-headings were divided communities to the population to bias clearly to type, Vvkdna a lot of mixed and common areas, and this is a big risk can not be surrender to him. "

He added that "we should not respond in any way attempts to demographic change and cleansing deliberate races and species, and indicates the importance of this review is the increasing proportions of the exodus of Christians and Alazidiin out of Iraq, leaving a lot of Sunnis and Shiites to their areas under the threat of fear of Daash groups weapon which led to free some This hybrid of the original inhabitants who lived it since the era parents and grandparents areas. "

He said loyalty to the homeland is not incompatible with loyalty to other secondary affiliations, but must be the priority of loyalty to the homeland, and to provide the national interest over the interests of caste, creed or tribe, in case Tsadmanma, so the coexistence means openness sustained and communicate with the rest of the ingredients, in order to weave the positive relations, through the revival of the relationship with the ideas and convictions of each component, so that the relationship becomes a dynamic, flexible and effective. "

He Jubouri, saying that "it is here, the coexistence requires the acceptance of pluralism, and respect for the cultural component and forms of expression of human ideas, is supposed to know each other, and opening it, and connect to it, and the freedom to interact and live with it."

He pointed out that "the most important opportunities to ensure that our coexistence Time and maintaining diversity is the universities, which are the important and influential Tanzn of educated young people, which contributes to the strengthening of this culture, and add to it what we called him repeatedly, a re-work the conscription that opens us another chance to merger the sons of the Iraqi people, with each of the new and strengthen the bonds of social networking. "