Newspaper "long" on Tuesday published documents of the corruption files in Huda Bank

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2015/11/16 14:38

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Al Mada published in a number on Tuesday, the fourth series of files that had intended the late Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi published for financial corruption auction sale of foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq, this series focuses on the files of corruption in dealings Huda Bank.

According to documents to be published newspaper "long" to transfers and money laundering by the bank through its participation in the currency auction of the Central Bank of Iraq, which amounted to more than a billion dollars, also points to the bank's refusal to provide the official authorities to disclose his current account in a Jordanian bank receives funds transferred from the currency auction.

The documents also refer to the illegal dealings of the bank and revealed by the investigations carried out by the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, and the decisions of the official authorities in connection with the investigation of corruption in the private bank Huda files.

The "long" has been published in the past week a group of documents the corruption of the currency auction at the Central Bank of Iraq included information on the extent of corruption in the auction and the companies involved in the operations of big money that was taking place for years in the auction laundering.