Deputies: Deputy's salary does not exceed 10 million

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-House denied news media indicated that Council Member's salary up to 32 million dinars a month, saying that such news unrelated to reality, often the purpose. circle said in a statement to the House of the day: "some of the local media published false news was fact, regarding the salaries of members of the House of representatives, despite the clarifications and responses to assigned official documents published by the information service in the House," it said.

"Some media frequency cylinder scratched on the lower salary goal excitement, sales and profits at the expense of the truth and the facts, they ignore the clarification on the subject of House salaries, either being unable to keep up with the news and publish the facts or they are engaged in a campaign paid for dependent fabrications ltskit legislative power within the objectives converge with terrorist plots and graduating from enlightened role of media". "Todd illustration information service to every sight and insight that lawmakers ' salaries do not reach 32 million LD as stated, but 12 million and 900,000 dinars before the launch of the reform package ", adding that" the overall salary amounted to mp after the application of reductions in accordance with resolution 333 highest 10 million dinars, as shown in the following: nominal salary (4) million allocation of the post (2) million 100% doctorate allocations of nominal salary, 75% of salary for master's ultimate Bachelor of 45% of nominal salary Institute 35% of nominal salary Middle 25% of nominal salary