The private sector. Big Boss's economy!?

Iraq today/special still tongue most of the experts and specialists of the Economic Affairs, called on the Government to stimulate circulation to the private sector, may contribute to save the country from economic body gltath. Deputy Head of the economic information center and an expert on economic-sanctuary, advised: "Government, and promote the role of the private sector", the importance of your role in the country's economy, the Secretary commented: "he was President of the market operator, and thus growth, gives pointers for the recovery and the health of the national economy", and about how to activate your Government Secretary disclosed in modern Us: "the Government, the restructuring of the national economy, resources, giving the private sector a real cycle in the development process. Through the offering of the laws and regulations that contribute to growth, correctly, can the future leadership of the country's economy, and the adoption of the citizens in their lives ", and returns us to the past, the Secretary-General and the reality of the private sector in the economy of the country:"

The private sector in Iraq, was more than 60 contracts, significantly influence the national economy, and in the 1950s, were imports of oil, placed in a Supreme Council for Reconstruction Fund, which was responsible for providing a solid infrastructure, good for future generations, care Council then built dams, bridges and agricultural roads and riversStreams in agricultural areas, and established schools, hospitals, universities and industrial estates and factories, sewage and tourism facilities and governmental service institutions that can finance themselves in the future ", and in the special virtues of the past:" as well as security and defence institutions that are financed from public funds and taxes ", then sent his advice in the following trend:" planners must develop leaders and politicians in mind, supporting the private sector and the need for qualified, to support the national economy, providing new job opportunities with the provision of services to GDP and the country's reputation Industrial and agricultural level ", and on the methods and procedures that facilitate the return pulse, we read:" to facilitate the procedures for the registration of companies in accordance with applicable law, and to take the necessary measures for its control by the ministries concerned, the legislation of new laws, contribute to the growth of the private sector and investment, and encourage private sector industrial and agricultural production, service and tourism, with controls and taxes for imported goods ", and on the role of bank loans, Secretary : "Open loans for industrial projects and small-scale farming by the Government and private banks, and promotional benefits, while ensuring control and follow-up of such projects".