Anbar Council announces the liberation of all parts of the Western axis of grey daash

The Anbar provincial Council announced the liberation of all parts of the Western axis of Ramadi, revealing intelligence cell provides the common pieces of the whereabouts of the terrorists. Board Member, said critic Obaid dahi agency {forat news} yesterday, that "military operations are progressing rapidly, and I managed to edit all the Western parts of Ramadi, and direct access to the city centre. The "joint operations developed a security plan that will edit the center of Ramadi, is going smoothly and with minimal losses." Gray sons called to support forces involved in edits of terrorists, noting that some citizens provided the security forces with information on the presence of aldwaash in grey. He said gangs daash holding families in Ramadi; for use as human shields, the military units. The joint operations command announced earlier on the armed forces for the liberation of the city of Ramadi from terrorist daash three axes. It said that "joint forces backed by air power launched an air operation of the three axes of the West, North, and South West. "The joint forces bent on edit gray, will come to you mortal victory soon". Security forces have been able to edit Po village life in Anbar from daash.