Al-Jabouri discusses with minority views on the standard card

The head of the House of Salim Al-jubouri on Wednesday by a group of deputies representing minorities in the Parliament, saying his quest to bring the views of all political parties, especially the law of standard card. The Office said in a statement that "the meeting discussed the latest developments of the political process, and the role of Parliament in overcoming contentious points regarding certain laws not inconsistent with the Constitution, the law also discussed a unified national card". Al-jubouri confirmed by the statement that "the rights of religious minorities in Iraq legislative duty imposes on everyone begin to develop regulations based on the Constitution, saying" must be non-discrimination among citizens on grounds of religion or cult or sect ", announcing his quest to bring the views of all political parties on the standard card law ensures the rights of all."

The statement drew attention to that "deputies have expressed their gratitude for the role of speaker of Parliament on minority rights and support all components of the Iraqi people and its actors enacting laws that maintain the unity of the Community fabric. It is worth noting that the representatives of religious minorities earlier declared their intention to file a complaint in Federal Court against the law of the national card. The House of representatives voted overwhelmingly on 27 October last, the approval of the law on the national card. commented Deputy Minorities on the 31st of October, attendance at parliamentary sessions to protest the law especially in recording minor child by parents, religion and mind {discrimination and coercion on the faith}.

As head of the Rafidain list representing Christian yonadem component we about attempts to resolve the dispute on article 26 of the law of national card for freedom of religion. We said "there are attempts to deal with article 26 of the law of national card with the Presidency of the Council of representatives," he said, adding that "many Presidents understand our modified so you may go to address urgent" unlikely "to reach the appeal stage in article I of the Federal Court.

Article 26 of the law of national standard card which was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 27 of last month and the Ministry of the Interior issued, that {non-Muslim may switch its religion according to the law, minors are boys followed in the religion of Islam embraced the parents "as" toggle switch name and religion abstract if combined with switch religion Court personal articles and is in this case.