Activating the private sector to achieve self-sufficiency

11/16/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
in order to achieve diversity in sources of income for the country, especially after the financial crisis through which Iraq is a result of lower crude oil prices, stressed the need to support and activate the private sector companies experts to occupy the required position that contribute to the development process.

Expert d. Akram Abdel Aziz said in her speech «morning»: The «private sector pick in the events of the economic changes in the long term», stressing the need administrative privatization of public sector companies and configured in this area to be successful experiments support the national economy, and become a supporter important for the development process achieve the diversity of sources of income. Was of the view that the revitalization of this sector in partnership with public or government support will achieve diversity in the country's revenues, along with the oil sector, production and other sectors, stressing the importance of the industrial sector development in Iraq to support the national economy, and the private sector a leading role, it has a competitive regionally and internationally. For his part, noted economist Adel Mahdi's {morning »that rents unilateral state makes productive sectors such as industry, agriculture late, as the budget does not serve the development objective.

He said Mahdi that« the absence of economic vision does not achieve the figures and estimates are high for other sectors », returned The application of economic diversification will be an opportunity to produce a lot of material within the framework of the spending to these important sectors. He noted the expert that the initiatives launched by the positive government, but it needs armrest supports the general economic trend by reaching economic vision clear and specific for the advancement of the various sectors and to achieve the required goals that make up the overall direction for future work.

Found Observers economists that public budgets set annually not targeted productive sectors and to achieve self-sufficiency of goods from, as the government has encouraged the private sector to invest in industrial projects belonging to the public sector, whether of existing or creation of new factories, as reflected in the increased expenditure sections of the budget and exit of more than 70 percent of Iraq's money to import needs market.