But Talabani: Time to resolving all the problems between the center and the region need to for some

Stressed President of the National Union of Kurdistan Bloc but Talabani on the need for resolving all the problems existing between the center and the Kurdistan region. She said Talabani in a press release on Sunday received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was "to should not at a certain problem ask or Ntrjy the arrival of a delegation from the province to resolve a specific problem and then return to occur," noting that the "supposed that the focal points remain constant and the first arrival of delegation from the province to Baghdad to resolve all the problems that exist and in particular the oil file and the region's share. The province and the center need to communicate among themselves to fight Daash and help the displaced. and showed Talabani" no humanitarian cases exist in the Kurdistan region and are displaced With the cold weather and rain and the current status must be coordination between the two governments for the delivery of necessary assistance for the displaced, because a common destiny Gmuten. and confirmed that" whoever believes in weakening the federal government is to strengthen the provincial government, or vice versa, "indicating that" everyone needs to the other and today more than at any other time to open the door to dialogue between the two governments to resolve all the problems that exist in the political arena. " finish